Thursday 23rd Nov

Lunching at Collective Espresso opposite Camberwell Station, the most publicized brunch spot in Camberwell. The one of the only brunchy spots that was here before we left town, since we moved Camberwell is now brunch central on this side of town.

At 3pm it was nice and quiet, it was nice outside, slightly warm with a breeze.
R&B played over the outdoor speakers.
They don't do matcha lattes.

Inside this place is small! Small for the area. There's bar stools and communal tables. Elbow room - sounds like a name for a popular brunch spot, very hipster.

The menu seems a bit limited though features all the breakfast essentials, one dessert food porn (waffles or hotcakes) and a couple burgers.

Usually I get the mushroom dish though I didn't this time as I'm not an English muffin fan.
Instead I had the corn and zucchini fritters served with a soft poached egg. Which oozed everywhere - in a good way. The ring of sauce is beetroot. Paprika and cumin were among the spices in the fritters. Topped off with salsa, avocado and thin slices of baby beets. It was very good though missing that special something, that a spicy salsa or amazing dip like spread could have added. Pretty good but not quite there.

Is it Tuesday? I'm losing myself and time again. Turns out it's Thursday. Taco Thursday!

Andy had the pulled pork tacos, a set of 3 of which 2 came with poached eggs, no flow though they were heading towards boiled. The tacos were fresh and spicy, the pulled pork was tender and juicy and succulent.

Gravity Waffles! That's what everyone's ordering. As it's as good as it looks! But I'd like to add colored meringues with gold lust. The popcorn was chewy, not so fresh this might be like the parsley - deco only. Popcorn was nasty and painful said Andy XD. The waffles were soft and fluffy, my fear of dense waffles can be very real. Waffles were good soft and warm very nice to compliments with fresh fruit - Andy. Pavlova fruit and poppyseed cream surrounded and sat atop of waffle stack with golden syrup in the middle. I'd like to add lemon zest to the cream.

It was a delight and definitely recommended if you're in town.

As collective espresso is very popular a line is expected. Worth the wait? I'm not sure as we're not brunchy people. I'd imagine the modern music might be a bit louder on weekends.

Service was very friendly.

Collective Espresso Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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