Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Dinner at Akachochin, it's lovely out on the waterfront today. Being alone is so wonderful after a day at work! Though we stood waiting to be seated for 10mins while waiters rushed by but ignored us. Screw it, we just went inside to the till to check in.

Seated outside it's nice. It's almost full save for the bar. Yes we've been here before but only tried the kingfish dish (Hiramasa nanerou), as part of a progressive lunch and that was very good. 

This time we ordered the sashimi moriawase (12 pieces) $35 to start. It's perfect as expected. Though as we're dinning solo there's limited things we can order. I didn't like the extra fishy white one (king fish potentially?)... the tuna and salmon was beautiful though.

Teriyaki Chicken $24 + Rice $4

Low on flavour, tender but bland.  Not even salty... high quality chicken but not in flavour. It was also quite small... unlike the bowl of rice (serves 2) which was different from the normal rice.

This place is crazy $$$, the chicken is $24 which doesn't include rice, $4. Miso is $7.
Events worthy rather than weekly dinner. Through dimmi we've got 50% off otherwise wouldn't normally dine here. Balancing the budget with $10-15 cheap eats. 

Service was slow, and friendly - minus the not seeing me/ignoring me at the start.

While the location and view is lovely the food falls drastically of expectations sadly. Skip Japanese and go for Thai (Bangpop - they have $10-12 pad thai on tues) or steak at the Meat Market.

Where do you like to dine on South Wharf?

P.S. For Japanese we love Purple Peanuts ($) and Yuzu on Collins ($$).  

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