Dumplings @ Din Tai Fung (Emporrium) @ Monday, January 13, 2020

March 2019 - Present

Din Tai Fung (DTF) opened up quite sometime ago above the Emporium (new mall) though we've never really gotten around to it till now. Mainly to avoid the disappointment that so man dishes have pork, though we've discovered many dishes don't have pork, yay!

It's a very popular place, absolutely huge, the biggest chinese place I've ever been, with plenty of space, some tables have a laundry hamper for your bags, air con, air, a dates worthy atmosphere, and a little jazz. Overheard someone say it's chinese food for white people, costs more cause you're paying for atmosphere, but I'd pay for that. As oppose to people yelling at me, sitting on stools in an eatery balancing my bags. I do love dumplings but for all those reasons I'd never dine at a chinese place not in a nice mall alone.

How it works is you go up to the podium, grab a buzzer and a menu to fill out. However at the picture menu cause that's the one with the prices. Soon you get called up, podium girl with a work name circles your table on a map, and you're in. Smart people order as they are seated, though there's a menu book at the table (with prices).

March 2019

Our first visit was late one evening, we ha potstickers, truffle fried rice, chicken & corn soup, a bao, drunken chicken (cold) and mango pudding for dessert. Surprizingly I only have photos of the food. Didn't take notes on our first visit. 

July 2019

Beef and egg truffle oil rice, smells amazing! More of a side to something else I felt rather than a dish on it's own. Needs more stuff in it.

Crab and corn soup, a twist on the classic chicken and corn. 

Needs pepper. Wouldn't get again.

Chicken mushrooms pot stickers, quite nice though I'm missing chicken and prawn dumplings which they don't do here, we'll get chicken dumplings next time.

Chocolate lava bao, oh wow, how do you eat this? It was pretty cool and a bit messy!

Taro spring rolls with sesame, so I ordered the wrong dish, this was meant to be a taro bao. It was savory...

Tuesday night, I've never been given a map to go find my own seat before, but it was busy almost a full house. 

December 2019

Seafood potstickers so good! Not too salty but just right though the bottom of the dumpling (are potstickers dumplings?) were a little oily. Would get again. Order these asap.

We actually had dessert first as pot stickers take 20mins to make. Mango pudding for two whoops, just the salted egg lava bun and lychee drink (with mint hence green) would have been enough.

Damage $36

January 2020

First one in on a Monday night, 5pm when they opened in between work and the studio. People flowed in quickly. We got the perfect seat by the window above the mall with perfect lighting.

Very few places have a bag hook let alone a laundry hamper!


Chicken and mushroom dumplings with special shallot sauce. So good.

Crispy fried Prawns with mayo and pineapple. Sounds strange but so good! Eat fast though, it's not nice cold. This is meant to be shared, whoops.

Golden lava mini bun, with a salted egg filling. The perfect size dessert.

Service fast and friendly. Yes we'll be back though it's pricey so we don't dine here without an offer from dimmi (50% off) or Liven tbh.

This place fascinates me, modern Chinese with big airy spaces. Clean and nice, which is reflected in the prices. Not really a fan of lack of prices on order forms though. Though it's quite efficient the system, get a buzzer thing, order forms, sit down ready to order.

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