Melati Indonesian (Camberwell) @ Sunday, January 12, 2020

May 2018 - Current

Dinner at Melati, we haven't been here since ownership changed (before May 2018). Liz and Eric are now retired and passed on the family business to their nephew, who's redecorated the place, modernizing it. Ripping up the carpet and removing those vertical blinds (from the 80/90s) in favour of fairy lights, floorboards and modern lighting.

Located on a quiet strip at an intersection, you're not going to believe how we first found this place. One random day on my way somewhere on the 75 tram I looked up and saw Eric in the window! We've known the past owners for years from church and knew they had a place though never actively looked it up.

From Tues to Thu you can get a three course meal for $24, the perfect chance to visit! I realize after many visits that no one needs to consume a three course mid-week meal but whoops. Next time I'll just get a main. They're closed on Mondays.

Complimentary prawn crackers, I do love these.

Before - So crazy that this is the same place.

After - My camera and editing has also improved. It's amazing what mirrors can do.

Bakwan Jagung - Sweet corn and spring onion fritters with chilli mayo.
These were amazing, light and not oily at all, full of flavour. I'm told the secret is using fresh not frozen corn. I'd get this again for sure. Edit - By the time (2yrs later) when I post this we realized this is my absolute favourite dish here, and something we almost always order.

 Kare Ayam/ Chicken Curry
Not served as hot as expected in heat this creamy coconuty curry is perfect for me as I don't like it hot :P Not sure about the salad pairing though... maybe add veg in the curry itself? That or I've just never had a fresh crisp salad with a curry before. What I thought was carrot was actually tomato in the curry. The chicken was tender and perfect. The serving size was just right though I thought they'd be more sauce like jap/indian curry. Love that it was a pretty well balanced meal, which is rare.

Pisang Goreng Nangka/Dessert Springrolls
Jackfruit and banana deep fried with ice cream, palm sugar syrup, with jackfruit and strawberries. It was very nice and not so sweet (I'd say asian approved levels perhaps?).

This place is literally next to the tram stop, or there's parking around the corner out back.

November 2018

Can't resist the corn fritters, they're amazing.

Nasi Goreng - a little bit spicy, though a large serve (it's bigger than it looks) I can't finish it all... the rice is smokey, with a little chili and it's pretty good.

Mango & Coconut Ice Cream w Mango Creme Brulee. 

There was that beautiful crackled top, though I'm not sure about the mango flesh as a separate layer under the creme part. Would have been better purred as one.

Another Visit

Complimentary crackers, I do like these ones too.

Bakwan Jagung - Sweet corn and spring onion fritters with chilli mayo.
 Those beautiful corn fritters.

Beef Rendeng - Caramelized spiced beef curry with 
coconut cream and nine spices on rice and a side salad.

A hint spicy this was perfect paired with that fresh salad (refer to pic way up). Anything here you can order to be spicier btw, but I always ask for no chili (toothpaste is spicy to me).

Jackfruit & Banana Spring Rolls

January 2020

My favourite dish. I like to try a different main each time, but these fritters are THE corn fritters. We tried them at another place (Bangpop) and they definitely weren't the same.

Kare Ayam - Indonesian chicken curry cooked with aromatic spice, baby potato and tomato.
 I've had this before, it was perfect. Gosh I think I like every main I've tried here. It's all about what are you in the mood for.

Ayam Panggang - Char-grilled chicken fillet with sweet soy sauce and chilli tomato relish

This was spicy!! Nina enjoyed it though, she's been here twice, not sure where the other set of photos from when we had the banquet are... yes we've got a lot of catching up to do.

Dinner for Two 

Not pictured was tomorrow's lunch. Nina also ordered takeaway, something pork.

Mie Goreng $15 - Indonesian wok tossed fried egg noodle with shredded chicken breast, sweet soy sauce, prawn cracker and omelet on top. I had this for lunch the next day cold, at a BYO food music festival, a hint spicy but perfectly so! Loved it.

Service as lovely as always, thanks Eric. The vibe was pretty chill with acoustic versions of popular songs from the 2005-ish.

Not really sure if it's available instores unless you ask/or only on certain days (the $15 menu used to be on the window but not recently) might be a menulog thing only? But they have these $15 'sets' which include the main with a salad and rice. Perfect for dinner for one. I'll find out and update this.

A lovely spot for dinner anyday, better offers Tues/Thu (off peak) it's a quiet spot we like to stop by during the week in between meetings and classes.

Melati Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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