A Rainy Thursday Night

A seat by the window, watching the many trams go by on a gloomy and wet evening (in this case it's a good thing as it hasn't rained for quite some time). It's lovely, just perfect.

Pillowy soft beautiful garlic bread buttermilk buns. $10 
We start of with garlic bread while waiting. These tastes like magic with that garlic butter, parmesan and bitter garlic crisps. Just the right size for a entree for two.

Rib eye, medium w chips and garlic sauce $44

Oddly the sauce isn't included, but it's like a small bowl! You get a choice of chips or salad. We did have a debate though went with the fries. There's a salad on it's own too but it's big - unless you're sharing. My dinning companion tonight ended up at another branch of M&W Co, also near the trams...

Slipping away into a food coma with 20% to go, this serving is larger than it looks, that or the garlic bread just got to my stomach and is soaking up all the water I had. The steak was perfect medium. Glad I tried the garlic sauce but that's a try once, wanted to try something new as I always get the mushroom sauce. Chips were perfect serving size with the perfect crispy and fluffiness inside.

They have a dessert menu! Unexpected as it's not listed online. 


Pavlova $12

If you like just the hard parts and not the marshmallow, you'll like this. I love marshmallows so it was a little disappointing but it was nice. This was definitely made for two, with a mix of fresh and frozen berries.


Busy on a Friday night, warm glowing light. There's a room upstairs too. Our waiter John was very easy on the eyes, very friendly and explained the different cuts well.

Overall we had a great time with the best view looking outside, the only table looking out. Service was excellent and we're so glad to finally tick this place off our to eat list. Yes we'll definitely be back. 

Where's your favourite steak house?
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