Thursday 11th January 2018

This place is super cool in person on a warm summer night. Those arches on the left I swear look like another room but it's actually mirror magic. Through dimmi one year we discovered this cool hidden gem on that road that goes to St Kilda, with the tram, hidden from view you'd never expect that it's a super cool Turkish restaurant with "curved sandstone walls, cool textures, moody lighting". They do these awesome meat platters here, perfect for groups! 

The Place

The drink lists here is extensive, making it a highlight for jas each visit. 

Stuffed Mushrooms - Goats cheese, tomato, pistachio

Think they were out of one of the dishes so we had this instead.

When it comes to Turkish food we tend to overeat, just in case we don't get an opportunity to visit again. So this time we had the feed me menu to try a bit of everything, there's a 4 ($55pp) or 5 ($65pp) course, we went for the 5 course as it includes dessert. 

It was hot though there was air con and open windows, also we got an airy spot under the arch, it was quite busy, almost full that night. 

MEZE - Lezzet Dip, warm Turkish bread, lamb croquettes, cigars & Lentil Kofte

There was a prawn dip (first picture below) yoghurt eggplant deco dip, meatball spread, a crispy cheese cigar with the wrapping almost wonton like. The arancini needs coriander? and lemon, felt that it was missing something. Bread nice and warm, oh how I love bread. 

All the entrees!

FISH - Atlantic salmon, vine leaves champagne reduction, date mousse & chats

Everything about this was perfect. The vine leaves with champagne wrapped salmon, the crispy roasted potatoes  (the perfect amount) and date mousse. Presentation needs help there, dollop not pile. The combo of shape and colour isn't in your favor.

LAMB - Chef Choice lamb (Cuts Seasonal Salad) dish

This was the lamb dish, must have been tired as I didn't take decent notes. 
Tip - Always do your notes that very night. 

DESSERT - Granita, gazoz sorbet, almond foam, caramelized apricot

This looks like a raspberry sorbet, just saying. We promise better notes next time.

Tuesday 25th September 2018

When you think you ordered a salad, but it ended up being a dip...

LEZZET PLATTER - Celebrate The Land Platter $45 p/p + Seafood $15 (min 2 people)
An ever changing, daily platter inspired by Kemal's (chef and owner) visit to the market. Various cuts of grilled and slow cooked lamb, accompanied by marinated and grilled chicken, suck, from the wood fired oven. All served with mixed grain rice, wood fired Turkish bread, saffron aioli, smoked beetroot & garlic chats.

We saw this on our last visit and knew we had to come back just for this! I picture it as something from an Astrix comic where they have a village feast.

I can see bread, salad (love that this platter includes salad) and meats. 

ANATOLIAN LAMB - Melt in the mouth 18 hour slow cooked lamb w/ fig & date jus, pearl cousin cous

MIXED GRAIN 'Salad' - Warm cauliflower, fetta snow, bulgur, barley parsley, mint, chick peas, onion & humus 

We ordered two platters (dinner & dessert) and needed to be rolled home XD the meat eaters delight with well marinated and seasoned chicken and lamb. Upgraded to add seafood too ($60pp). It turned out to be too much, and we were rolled out but not before taking home more food for lunch the next day.

We didn't need an extra salad that was really a dip, though the yoghurt base was essential for the calamari as it was spicy! The saffron aioli was beautiful with the chicken, that's the ones that look like egg yolks.

KAZAN DIBLI $14.50pp (this platter cost $30)

Turkish Vanilla Custard, (Creme Brûlée) with Toffee Crust, Pismaniye

Dessert was another platter! The rosewater creme brulee had that lovely crack top but under had the consistency of whipped cream, needs more gelatin. There's a baklava, ice cream and cookie dough. 

T2 Turkish apple ($5) - Extra sweet please. Hello warm apple juice, yes this is exactly what I wanted.

Great food, great time. We've eaten at many many places over the years but we'll always remember Lezzet and plan to visit at least annually.

Where do you like to go for awesome platters? 

Lezzet Anatolian Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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