Friday 30th Nov 2018

We've got a set of pictures missing, so this was the closest to the front door I could get.

Located on the way to the beach on a tram route that comes every 20mins is KUU Cafe + Japanese Kitchen, a cute little cafe that we always see on our way to the Gasworks. It took years, but we finally made it!

The menu looks delicious, they're open from breakfast till dinner (most days) and have weekend or brunch only dishes (which makes us sad, as we're not morning people nor willing to line up for brunch). As well as sounding amazing the menu has beautiful illustrations.

We wanted a bento, but by Friday 8pm they were sold out, might want to go earlier in the day for that one, this happened on a Thursday by 6pm too.

Kakiage Shredded Veggie Tempura $5.50
Sweet potato, carrot, onion, green bean, pumpkin

Starting off with entrees, this tempura while being deep fried was super light, 
crumbles (like cannoli) when bitten into and was overall really good.

Creamy Crab Croquettes $7
These were also really really good!

Sashimi Salmon Salad $16
Avocado, leafy greens, cucumber, with onion soy dressing + parmasen (unexpected)

Omusoba w Chicken (Dinner Only) $16.5
Yakisoba noodles wrapped (draped over with) in an omelette topped with 
kewpie mayo, bbq sauce (tonkatsu), bonito flakes, aonori, pickled ginger

With all those sauces and toppings this dish was delicious! 
And no it didn't taste like instant noodles at all. I'd get this again for sure.

As they were closing we got dessert to go and had it at a park.

Japanese Cheesecake $6.80
Just like the one at Shyun, but not served as cubes this cheesecake 
was amazing, I'd say it's like uncle tetsu but better, not wet.

Yuzu Tart Slice $6.80
Think lemon tart but just with yuzu and cream, yum!

Service was friendly, they take bookings. Can't wait to return, wished they were in the city or close to us though. We'd like to brunch though I can't travel to the other side of the city for brunch XD 

Friday 22nd March 2019

Back for afternoon tea, of a tea pannacotta and yuzu lime soda. 

Pictures currently on an adventure somewhere...

Thursday 2nd Jan 2020

A crazy early dinner at Kuu a cute Japanese cafe that's been on our list forever. This is my third visit. The bento is always sold out.

The yuzu lime soda was perfect. 

Teriyaki salmon with housemade sauce and mash potato $20 

Unexpectedly came with brown rice, but I love that there was a salad for a balanced meal. There was a diagram, but I didn't actually notice the rice as it wasn't described.

What he ate. He doesn't do comments. It's like to be soba or udon.

Dessert anyone?

Japanese Cheesecake $7

Finishing with a beautiful crumbly but moist cheesecake, uncle tetsu but good! Cause to me Tetsu is wet... and I've made jap cheesecake before, but it's been quite some life times.

A lovely local gem, dates worthy he says... and yet he never took me here XD but then again I discovered it not him.

Damage $60
My part $33

Can't wait to return again, perhaps one day even on a weekend!
KUU Cafe + Japanese Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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