Taco Tuesday @ Black Toro (Windsor) @ Wednesday, January 15, 2020

A Thursday in Jan 2020

There's a Black Toro in town, the only Mexican well Modern Mexican but as long as it's not Taco Bill we're happy (yes we've tried it, idk how they're still alive). Checking out the bustling second location in Windsor which open just last July (2019).

I've always been curious about though the chance to dine here didn't arrive till now, thanks to 50% off via 'The Fork' aka new Dimmi.

Inside it's longer than wide with a front and back room, the back is where groups sit. The front sports a huge mural of the Day of the Dead girl and the optimal lighting and background is facing it. Trendy pop music plays, I prefer classical or smooth jazz, but that's not the vibe of Chapel st or almost anywhere sadly.

1.Corn on a cob, with chipotle mayo, queso fresco, lime. 

Not a dish to be ordered on a date, but perfect on a table for one tonight. So messy, but so good! Tiny but delicious with plenty of sauce that leaves my lips tingly. 

2. Snapper ceviche - Cucumber, avocado, black lime dressing. 
Absolutely amazing! Tiny perfect cubes ingredients.

3. Short rib taco - Hard shell, spicy sauce, radish. Sweet juicy full of flavours and contrasts. Wow! Totally unexpected as well, I didn't actually order this :P btw this is canape size

4. Fish taco - Soft corn tortilla chipotle mayo, cabbage and herb slaw.

Delicious normal sized, a hint of tingling lips. An apple slaw would have taken it to the absolute must order level.

5. Wagyu beef sliders (these came in a pair) - Cheese, pickles, miso onion, ketchup. 

It was perfectly tiny (expected) and delicious! I know know where to go in town when I'm after a burger but tiny. It definitely satisfied that slider craving (I'm easily influenced, modern family's second latest episode).

6. Tres leaches cake. 3 milks cakes with dulce le leche, fresh strawberries. 

This serves 3, unlike the other dishes we had tonight and was delicious like everything else! We once had it many years ago and loved it, but have yet to find a recipe (it's so much more amazing than our American poke cakes). So moist but not wet and soggy, pretty good the next day too and only a hint dry. The white icing is a coconut. It was so good!

Everything was really good, small servings but good, I'm delighted to say it's table for one friendly, as I ate almost everything you see. Either on the night or the next more. It was much better than the last mex-ish snack bar we went to the other week by Prahran station.

Service was very friendly from frenchie, no judgment for ordering 6 tapas sized dishes for one. Can't wait to return with le beau! And order all six dishes again.
We rarely give out 5 stars, but this place deserves it! Though we eat out a lot, so it might be more of a monthly #tacotuesday thing budget wise. .

Damage $88 though we paid $44 with 50% off via dimmi). So worth it.
Note - they do have feed me menus, but I knew what I wanted.

Feb 2020

Just wanted to share more pictures, this is our third visit within two months. We sat upstairs. Service was just as good, unlike lighting for pics in the corner. Nina was/is super excited about the three milk cakes and came just for that. Jas & I came for everything I ordered last time.

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