Godiva Chocolate Cafe (Emporium Melbourne) @ Sunday, February 23, 2020

January & February 2020

At this point I think we've been to every chocolate cafe in the city, including the short lived Guylian and Chokolait (though not for the pavlova at the new location), the only one we haven't stopped by for hot chocolate is Godiva. They opened a few years ago perhaps, and we've dropped by a couple times for milkshakes when they have the BOGOF offer, and for gifts but not to dine in. 

It seems like a nice quiet place, though also very bright, really not sure about that colour combo it has a retro feel, old 60s, the only thing missing is that burnt orange. *shudders*


Chocolate & White Chocolate Half/Half Soft Serve $7 

Summer Days call for treats and today at 42 (45 on the tram) it's time for ice cream! Raspberry mango or one of the chocolates? Hard choice, but since we're at a chocolate cafe we had the half half, choc vanilla soft serve, rich chocolaty with a dipped cone edge. It was very good, but really don't see myself paying $7 for a cone.

Service was very friendly as always. We had a sample of their thin 'cat tongue' cookies are amazing!! Even if they are $3 each. These are a very popular jap/french cookie.

Friday in February

Back again with another groupon, these offers don't last very long. Tip - Always have a running wishlist so you're ready for those 15% flash sales. 

Hot Chocolates $7

A drink each - milk for me, 75% Tanzania single origin for him. He said it's darker than the dark one at koko, while mine was creamy though not as chocolaty as lindt, being my favorite. He recommended the 75% here over koko.

At this point they were out of mugs, hence takeaway cups.

Croiffle $7 - A flaky buttery croissant oozing with chocolate, toasted in a waffle press.

We had the white chocolate  croissant x waffle, it was warm and really good! Not condense milk sweet (san churro we're looking at you) but just perfect.

 Strawberries & Cream Belgian Waffle $10

He prefers ice cream over soft serve but otherwise it was as good as expected. Waffles are always good, though I love my plain/original ones for $3 from a place near Chinatown. We never go out for just waffles.

The box of chocolate was a random selection though sadly not reccomended as a gift because well v'day was last week and it included Christmas chocolates. Half of them were the fancy ones, two Christmas, a square and some bonbons. Eat half, gift half?

Godiva, almost a full house at bit after 8pm on a Friday. I've never been here when it's been busy before. Fortunately we booked for dessert before dinner. Tip - bar has great lighting but that blender is loud. 

Service was friendly, no water, it was very busy though with people waiting for tables.

Damage - We bought a groupon, a $30 offer which included two dishes to share, two drinks and a 10 piece box of chocolates to take home.

What's your favourite chocolate cafe?

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