Underground Noodles @ Dodee Paidang @ Monday, February 24, 2020


9.30pm on a Friday night underground at Doodee, lights go down, music goes up. When we arrived the line hit the stairs, though there was still an line an hour later. Fortunately this place is the size of a cafeteria! Only with less space in between tables.

Loving the large selection of drinking including buckets. Alas he orders the milk tea with two very hot dishes and I get the pandan juice, very lightly tinted green. It was awesome! Something I've never had before.

Lots of noodle choices, we both go for the recommended egg noodles. The menu is physically and legit huge here! Noodles is what they do best. All pork based though. There is more than just an extensive A3 menu of noodles.

The Rambo $8 for the small (get this size if you're doing entrees, pictured). He orders the level seven noodles which he struggles a little with. Hello milk tea no.2 That was his entree, he orders the massaman beef curry with rice ($24) for mains but it's way too hot and he'll give it a go tomorrow XD. 50c takeaway box.

Meanwhile I had No.13 the seafood 'island' one, seafood mix with some greens and noodles, no chili. The broth was very good, kinda sweet but just right. A cheap eat at $10.

Service was good, a casual underground cafeteria style spot. For those who are ok to wait, not for dates, cause by the time you get a table you'll realize you hate each other XD. There was a live band and strange red lighting... perhaps for pre-club eats?

The desserts menu featured interesting unfamiliar dishes. Might be back, undecided. 
He's excited about returning with the boys, to get all the hot stuff, even after being very sick cause he couldn't handle the heat. :P 

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