Mama Chef Thai Cuisine (Hamptons) @ Thursday, December 10, 2020

Charlie dined as a guest.
Tues 24th Nov 2020

About two miles (2.4km) from Hampton station on a strip is Mama Chef, a new authentic family restaurant, opening just a month ago. Mainly takeaway but there's a couple tables under exposed bulbs, which looks lovely in the evening, perfect for coffee/dessert while waiting for your order. 

Vegetarian Curry Puffs  - Combination of potatoes and vegetables wrapped with puff pastry

Thai Milk Tea - When it comes to drink I only order drinks that you can't get anywhere else, so always thai milk tea. This was very sweet, crazy coming from me! L says it's authentic being crazy sweet. 

Scallops on a fun 'basil tomato bocconcini' twist. 

Chicken Satay - Traditional Thai style chicken satay served with our homemade peanut sauce.

We started with light fun curry puffs, dipped in a sweet and tangy sauce. Fresh scallop stack, with an even spicier sauce! And crowd pleasing satay chicken skewers with a peanut sauce, a favourite of ours'.

Som Tum Pla (Barramundi Salad)
Grilled b served with a Thai papaya salad, Thai level hot, fodmap friendly. 

Green Curry - Traditional Thai green curry with coconut milk, herbs and vegetables.

Salmon Sashimi Papaya Salad

Ordering to share, the green curry salad had depth and was just right for Lina, while I found it spicy! Just a little but still, spicy ice is a real thing to me. The crispy fish was nice, fried contrasted with a refreshing salad. I had the same salad with salmon sashimi, alas the papaya salad too spicy for me.

Dessert can't be spicy though, always a better choice. My go to for thai is actually pad thai, but  we couldn't order that as one of my dinning companions tonight makes an excellent pad thai. 

Pandan cendol with jackfruit in coconut. 
So good, my favourite dish tonight (other than satay skewers).

House made coconut ice cream, so smooth using fresh coconut. L's fav.

A lovely family restaurant, perfect for takeaway, order dessert while you wait. Surprisingly vegan friendly. If you like things hot L advises to ask for 'thai hot".

P.S. Delivery via menulog is $2 with no min. 
Open Tues - Sun

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