Lost in Dental Hell @ Saturday, March 04, 2017

Tuesday 21st February

The View from My Personal Hell. Though Hell isn't a Place, it's a Feeling.

It has been a long time since Sunday, we have pain meds but they aren't cutting it. And this is how we found ourselves once again at the emergency department on a Tuesday night. *whoops wrong Tuesday, my perception of time is iffy in hell, because really it's just one long day of a life that never ends*

Jasmine Cuisine Delivered - Indian dinner, low on spices and too sweet. 
This tastes like I made it, and when it comes to savory food that isn't a compliment. 

We're consulting dentists like they're dates! Getting second and third opinions. Each with their own scans and details. No. 2 says root canal though the damage may be too much and perhaps we should just get a new tooth. It would be drilled and screwed in! I'm too young for this!! Doesn't this happen in your 40s/50s??

Dinner at Pepper Lunch


If you didn't take pictures did it really happen? It depends how believable it is.
This afternoon we traveled to the end of the line, Alamain. The two last stops only have one platform!! And the train is three carriages, it's also the shortest line.

Confidence is not something I have when thrr dentist does a 15 minutes of less job, even if there's no drilling. Because that toothbrush is scary and quite similiar!

The session was followed by therapy, retail therapy. 

This is the exact one I bought ($30 says the sticker on the box) for $6 at a goodwill/op shop a real opshop, so not one the two mainstream red ones.

Appleslinkies! Here's a demo.

To keep the “brown” away, I soak any cut or peeled apple (slices, grated, wedges) in cold water with a bit of salt for about 5 minutes. Drain off the water then absorb the excess moisture with a paper towel. Store in preferred container. The salt doesn’t leave a taste like lemon juice would.

It makes it easier to make apple pie and stewed apples (for desserts/on the way to baby food) 5.48 

Don't think you can make zoodles on this as it holds onto the core and would create waste.
But you could do spiral potatoes, cucumber spirals work too. They're so fun to use! I can't wait to deep fry some potatoes/apples and cover them in cinnamon sugar!

We also bought a HUGE jar, two simple vases, three books and five silver roses + that apple machine all for $20! And the paris giant cookie cutter.

Came across this, we had one of these at school XD. Just in case your hems got shorter over the weekend, it was stuck to the wall in the common room.

Friday & The Weekend

Through Liven app we're discovering new places that we wouldn't have ventured into on our own. Like Little Billy and their delicious salads and desserts!
A concert to take my mind away from all the pain. The first picture was taken standing up, the third was my actual view - not much. We much prefer the music hall over town hall.

Going out for pizza in a party area on a Saturday Night? Massive regret!
Archery! it's summer, hot and sunny with no shade, it didn't go well, but there were points for turning up and effort! One time it hit the board, but they bounced right off! 

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Saturday 18th February

An early dinner before the theatre at the Naked European opposite Windsor station. I'm not a brunch hour person but I do love breakfast! I'd never make desert for breakfast though.

Breakfast is served till 5.30 at the Naked European though the menu us limited to five items with no guc or smashed avo. Not food porn based or inclusive of trending magnums and a terrarium of sugar and colour. It was actually kinda disappointing.

We love french toast! $15. Cinnamon french toast with 

marsala whipped cream and mixed berry compote

Apricot raisin pistachio thick fruit toast. As french toast goes it needed more of that egg soaked and fried quality. There was definitely cinnamon which I love. The mint with berries was great along with spiked cream I would have liked more varied fruit, especially seasonal stone fruit, because potentially the berries were frozen.

It was a snack, not a meal. Like when you order $5 buttered raisin toast. In theory brunch means you'll be full till afternoon tea (fruit salad, not cake ) though unless you get the American big or rather huge breakfast I don't see that happening.

King fish ceviche nachos (was $6 per nacho  (so $12) NOW $17, served in a pair) (gf) 

tomato, mango, coconut, coriander, avocado. served on homemade corn chips 

Fresh and fun but missing that special something, perhaps its the squeeze of lime. The fish was soft but firm, served with a salsa, guac and basil.

Tomatoes and mozzarella - A Seasonal Dish. Roma tomato and buffala mozzarella (was $9 NOW 16, it was one tomato sliced but now almost a medley - but tomatoes aren't that expensive!!) extra virgin olive oil, basil pesto and olive oil.

The food was pedestrian. Nothing to recommended. It's more of a bar and the music was loud modern punk rock. I was the only one there at 6pm.

I ordered from the online menu, which was a lot/significantly cheaper... and so the bill was kinda a shock, killing the eating out budget for the fortnight.

Spoke to the manager prices changes changed this week though  the online hasn't been updated

As someone who prefers minimal contact I order my coffee through the app while standing in the cafe, so for me I'd rather look up the menu on my phone rather than ask for it. 

The bill came to $53 for three snacks and a fruit juice. The predicted was $30 following the online menu prices.

In one sentence? Overpriced and not happy.

The Naked European Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Dine with Dimmi - Little Bites @ Kuku Mama @ Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Tuesday 14th February

Located at stop 44 upstairs just a short walk from Windsor station in chapel st near Mr Miyaki is Kuku Mama, a resturanty bar that has been on our radar since they posted a $10-ish bites event late last year.

With ambient lighting, there's the dinning room, booths that line the side, communal tables by the kitchen and a rooftop smoking garden. So many cool spots! We sat in the dinning room.

The food is mainly snacks, rather than tapas as most is just like one taco or bao. But there are things to share like wings and chips/fries. Should mention that the menu online is different (out of date?) compared to the one at the place/on zomato - and those two are different too... 

Housemade Cheeseburger Dumplings 
Beef, pickle, Bobby John Sauce (3 pieces) $6

The skin/wrapping was the wrong type, the yellow wonton one rather than what we expected, so it was a bit chewy. The beef was a mince similar to a replication with McD's version. While the inspiration was there, the flavors weren't strong enough and there was no actual cheese, only cheese powder. 

Chicken wings, Szechuana chilli salt, bootleg sauce $10
Crispy and fried, with a slightly hot spicy seasoning this one's a winner!

Bao Platter - Southern fried chicken, slaw, BBQ sauce (3 buns) $14
Didn't have the same flavours as the wings disappointingly paled in comparison.

Baos - Peking duck, pickled cucumber, hoisin $7

A bit dry, needs spring onion, and more sauce. Eat fast because these aren't very nice cold! Wished they came in steamers so we could keep them warmer longer. 

Baos - Crumbed miso marinated eggplant, Asian slaw (v) $6
Average, would have been better with the addition off chicken.

Fries with Aioli $5

French fries a bit too salty served with garlic aioli mayo base, 
would have preferred tomato sauce. But fries are always welcome!

Chips – Sweet chilli, soy, black sesame, spring onion (vg) $6

Crinkle cut, these are your carnival chips, its all about the sauce for this one, quite nice though salty so you'll need some buns to soak it up, or a drink to wash it down. The professor mainly lives on a diet on cigarettes, alcohol and snack foods as you may have guessed by now.  

Prawn Taco - Fried prawn taco, avocado, paprika buttermilk dressing $6.50
It was average, there isn't much to say... 

New Orleans - Pulled chicken, c, smoked cheddar $6

The chicken taco was interesting with a spicy hot sauce and saturated lettuce, which we aren't a fan of. Tacos also need to be eaten fast, as they go soggy! 

Some of my notes have gone missing...

As everything arrived one after the other and had to be served warm this is the best group shot we can get :P They say it's more of bar snacks to go with drinks rather than a dinner place though.

We went on V'day  and it was quite chill and in my opinion not that busy, though we were informed food would take a hour?! Surely they have more than one chef and they're not making everything from scratch now?! It was actually 23mins before the food started arriving. 

Service was slow but decent. The manager says it was much busier than expected, for a Tuesday so they were short staffed. To me that's odd, that you wouldn't factor in the Hallmark event.

One of the waitresses was quite devoted to the gym, and enjoys wearing short skirts. So not only were we served dinner we also got a show. Consulted a girl and she suggests that I'm just mentioning it cause I'm jealous of that ass O.o ffs I'm pointing out the length of the skirt and work appropriate stuff. 

He says it's a trap. Being a Tuesday showing ass probably isn't going to get you more tips. Come the weekend when this place is a bar you'll also get some appreciative looks. But for us this is the year, that Valentines day, when we all accidentally checked out someone's ass, one we probably won't forget anytime soon. These days you don't need to go to a strip club or the internet to see those things. Meanwhile at work we need our shoulders and knees covered :P

The bill came to around $100-ish with drinks. The professor had drinks and chips, while jas and I had one of each of the rest of what was pictured. Though a Dimmi Deal we got 50% off the menu, yay! I'd return for the fries and wings, and atmosphere during lunch though not the bar, as I am not a bar person. I'd imagine this would be a cool place if you're into bars.

Kuku Mama Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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A Market Dinner in the Garden @ Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monday 13th February

Tonight we attended an advance screening of Hidden Figures, and loved it! Set in the 60s (without the hippies, more civil rights movement) at NASA it tells the story of three extraordinary African American women and how they persisted and overcame barriers to equal rights and treatment of their time and age.

It might it low on costume porn (The Help has plenty) being set in a straight white male dominated setting, but there was plenty of plot, development of social attitudes and moments. Highly recommend!


Dinner at Kuku Mama, includes a show. I might not recall what it looks like, but that memory is seared into my mind.


A Garden Party with Lillet! Cocktails at South Wharf with delicious canapes, oysters and a cheese table! We love cheese! You can read all about it here > link.


South Melb Night Market - It took us years to get here, but we made it! To the second last session of the season. Exploring, dinner and a workshop. 

Sometimes leaving the house really sucks - people who refuse to let me take pictures! I am not having a good people month! What I need is an assertive bodyguard, or Lola (who went home). Someone to act as a barrier so I can take the pictures, and so people would be intimidated and not bully me (yes I know it needs to be repetitive, but once per a person and to me you all are the same).


Matcha & Red Bean Croissant. Disappointingly the matcha is light and almost seems like colour only, with no flavour. It costs $3 more than the original too. :(

This week's events, and that top.

Today we had meetings and went shopping, scored a $5 winter hat with a fugly ribbon (to be revamped), a $10 laced bust trending top (to be worn with stuff underneath, as I don't have the boobs for it, nor would I parading them around - no where I go will let me come in).

We made pie, but it failed. Tried to add a meringue on top, that failed too. It's just one big pile of mush. - But it tastes alright. What was wrong? The structure, it didn't set in shape and split when we recovered the springform frame, also the elements didn't stick, so when you take a slice the base was still stick to the pan.


From now on we don't buy tickets to matinee ballet performances till we get there on the day. Running late we arrived in time for the ball and to see the prince bewitched, and in result killing his love the white swan. It was set in the 14th century french court/renaissance. It was odd that the princesses were dressed identically and they were all Turkish... In terms of costumes we prefer the Australian Ballet last year. 

Dinner at the Naked European. Good food? Yes. Service? We had an issue there...

A trip to the theatre, it was interesting... I did love the set design though, with four different zones all blended into one, using simple sets. There's even a functional shower!

Exploring the area. A town house, with added stairs is now a duoplex! Though further divided it becomes four flats...


Dental hell. My head hurts! It was so bad that we ended up at the dental hospital and that's how we spent Sunday night. In hell. She touched it with ice and I nearly died!! 

High on medication I can do anything! Including grabbing a burger on the way to the hospital. Betty's Burgers. Here's a menu, order, grab a table then pick up on the other side.
Light and fluffy buns reminds me of filet o fishes. The top has been grilled underneath just like huxtaburger! We have a new contender for best burger! Betty vs hux. (Note - Get both same day back to the office to compare.) Though I'm certain the burgers at Betty's are bigger.

No combo deals. Eg buying a burger, side and drink is $2 cheaper than buying it separately
Can you book a table? There's a lot of reserved tables.

A seat at the bar means front row seats to see concrete/frozen custard made! Reminds me of self serve candy area back home at kmart. We also had a self serve helium balloon area! Just floating there waiting to be selected.

How was your week?

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