Friday Favourite - Handbag Hooks @ Friday, January 20, 2017

As someone who dines out often too often, at places that don't have a cloak room (recently learned the movies don't have a cloak room, even for advance screenings or opera/ballet on screen!) we need a spot for the bag, which only happens if I go out alone and aren't punished with an assigned seat at the single bars. The floor isn't the cleanest place and so a bag hook is perfect!

They're less than $3 on ebay and come in different colours and shapes. 

Designed to be collapsible they don't take up much space. 

The cheaper butterfly ones do though, as you can't close them.

They can hold up to 3kg, though don't work with thick handles. 

You can buy them in gift shops here though they're a rip off. Go straight to the source: ebay. Sure you don't get them in a bag or box, but you'll be paying a fraction of the cost.

To get the cheapest price look up both the au and .com (worldwide) sights and compare using conversion rates.  Something else I wanted to point out is my hatred for multiple ebay listings that allow sellers to cheat, though adding a cheaper item to list to get their item up higher in the lowest-highest price ratings. 

Recently a new design has come out, it's a more basic one made of plastic and cheaper at around $1 shipped. I've got a few though only use them around the home.

We love these bag hangers so much we ordered 20! For the ladies around me. A handbag essential! Especially at the studio where we don't have a locker room.

Do you use a handbag hook?

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Kanji Japanese on Kingsway @ Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Friday 23rd December

If you're not a fan of asian there's not much left on main street, there sous but they were closed, mocha joes for average expensive modern Australian and the most popular place in town - royal stacks. But I'm not a burger person, I'm a sugar addict and bento person.

Since we were last here a Japanese place has popped up! Kanji Japanese. They don't have calpis though or any Japanese sodas. With the other dinners it didn't feel authentic as Shyun does.

Located upstairs it's probably not wheelchair friendly (the dr doesn't need to know, but it does hurt). Lately we've been in a wheelchair, the struggle is real. How do wheelchair people live? How do they go places/shop?

I love pictures in the menu!

There's a few tables at the front with views of the strip, but more at the back including group tables! Pictures down below. I hate back lighting, it ruins everything in most cases, like when you focus on shadows.

We ordered the teriyaki beef bento $15 with came with karrage chicken, sushi rolls, a garden salad, tamego slice and seaweed salad. It didn't come with a miso to start which was strange?

It came with karrage chicken (kewpie mayo on request) and mini salmon rolls as an entree. The egg pieces were tiny, whoops we were suppose to finish off with those, but accidentally ate them at the start, failed to identify them. There was both a seaweed salad and garden minus tomato with a light honey mustard dressing.

The teriyaki beef was slightly smoky with a sweet lingering taste from the caramelized onions. I love white rice! It was flavourous but wasn't too sweet or salty.

More tables out back. 

Service was minimal but friendly, with O.o looks with the camera. 
For $15 we're happy, standard price minus one miso.

Who does your favourite bento? For us it's Shyun.

Kanji Japanese Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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The Annual Yum Cha @ Oriental TeaHouse @ Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wednesday 21st December

Yum Cha for dinner we can do, Sunday mornings don't happen as we barely make it to church on time :P. Chadstone was our first and tonight we're back a year later, jas is still 30mins late and we have to save him food *sigh*. At least this time it wasn't me saving food for two people.

$30 all you can eat yum cha had waiters going around with trays. Drink orders are taken at the beginning and around dessert. Turns out you can actually order more food (the same that has been floating around) when they call for last orders. And it's inclusive.

Iced tea we love! Yes I do know it's sugar + flavoured water. Peach melba, raspberry coloured. $4.5 Sweetened more than bing boy (the last iced tea we had) with a hint of mint.

On the table were three sauce plates to share, one dip only. Chili, Kewpie mayo and, sweet and sour sauce. There was also soy (bottle on the right). 

We started with chicken san choi bao, minced chicken and veggies, well seasoned with soy sauce, not salty. This along with fried rice were the first asian dishes we learnt how to make at school.
  • Chili pork dumpling
  • Fried pork wonton
  • Spring onion cake - potato cake like but not as crispy
  • Wagyu beef dumpling - chili kick!
  • Rice paper prawn. Deep fried. Bamboo shoots. Bk sesame
  • Vegetarian spring rolls
  • Silken tofu deep fried. Salt and peppered

  • Steamed baskets - last time there were six... Ginger Prawn - the yellow one and pork
  • Peking duck - Yum! needs much sauce and cucumber
  • Eggplant. Boiled. Nope nope. Sweet soy sauce made it ok. Otherwise bland.
  • Saucy beef - chewy with a salty sauce, we need fried rice to go with it
  • Something green w soy dressing
  • Octopus - never had that before, a tiny chewy. juicy. it has little buttons...

  • Choc balls
  • Custard buns
  • White chocolate. Very doughy needs more coconut
  • Egg tarts - not served hot, case too flakey
The middle tables (we sat at the back) had more variety and food than us eg. steamed baskets, egg tarts, etc. Which wasn't far. Perhaps we should book a table by the kitchen?

While there was less food than last time it was still pretty filling. Jas was a bit upset about the lack of the essential pork bun which didn't happen - that or I didn't see anyone else with one. There wasn't har gaw either, I mean I reckon there was but it wasn't served to our row. There wasn't fried rice or stir fry chicken (but there was calamari and octo). For dessert we weren't offered egg tarts, nor was anyone in our row, so we had to order them after a while when we realized it wasn't happening. 

Along with the octopus, the calamari and eggplant (bland, boiled) was new. 

Service was minimal but adequate, but served friendly than last time - minus that part where not everyone had the same thing (but that's not a service thing, is it?). Cause it's not like our row was served something that no one else got. Perhaps we needed to book a table closer to the kitchen, though that's where the bigger group tables were. Being the Wednesday before Christmas they would have expected a crowd therefore catered more? But they didn't so I can't recommend yum cha at Chadstone again. Book a table by the kitchen or try another location.

Last thoughts? This place is quite expensive if you order off the menu! 
We'd only dine here for the $30 yum cha deal. 

Our last visit to ChadstoneLast time we had yum cha was around this time, the Tuesday after Christmas, at the Chapel St location.

Where's your go-to yum cha place? Have you been to oriental teahouse?

Oriental Teahouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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The Week Before Christmas @ Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday 19th December

The dr wrapped up my foot and said no dancing, or shopping marathons. Bio guy has offered to wheel me around Chadstone tomorrow. 

It's Lucy's birthday week! As best friends we'll be sharing two weeks of birthdays! Lucy doesn't like to leave the house, or people, being a bunny. 

We've claimed a free muffin from Muffin Break so far, though there's many birthday freebies to come! With the muffin I used it to promote a work event, and won a competition for a rolling pin with it! 

Tonight for dinner we combined the free summer parlour drink, an iced chocolate (fairly ordinary), a free short stack voucher (I've still got another, from events) and my birthday pancakes, for a free meal for two! The lemon raspberry pancakes were quite nice with a great balance of flavour, though some raspberries were still quite hard being of the frozen variety!


The dr said try not to walk, so we got wheeled around instead! I felt the shame... I never feel any shame, but I do when I'm super special that I need to get wheeled around. :P

From the outside all that's appeared since our last visit to Chadstone is the bus bay and multi-level carpark, which was completely full btw. For it's the busiest time of the year for most, not us though. 

Inside it's so much bigger, with higher glass ceilings that reflect the light, and all the big brand city stores, including Uniqlo, Mecca & Sephora. And also Laudree! They have their own little area up there. 

We were here for research and shopping, though in a wheelchair you need to know exactly what you want and where from, no exploring inside the shops. The view is much short than my usual at 5", and navigation is hard. I'd thought people would move when a wheelchair goes though, but nope. It's nothing a like a battling (p)ram. 

What did we buy? A couple household things from Daiso, I send knives as house warming presents, also toasters. Literally house warming there that one. Treats from William Sonoma $25 wafers?!! Oh shush I haven't had these since back home, and I'm damn right certain they weren't that expensive! I think they were $12-15 maybe? In 2008. We also bought some bark, a box was too much for one, so we bought a $14 wand instead. 

From Byron Bay Cookies we bought an awesome jar of cookies, almost individually wrapped in pairs. Housewarming gift? XD Lol no. Make it room warming, as I've yet to move into my new room at the boarding house. Jas has a unit with his own kitchen, bathroom and lounge. I'm ok with sharing because it also means sharing the cleaning!

The idea is that when we have visitors, of which bio guy is the most regular we can open a pack and have a cookie each!

For mother we bought date & ginger cookies (which we had to watch her consume, due to no trust), and bio guy picked triple choc cookies to share with the family. He actually wanted the passionfruit for himself but chose to share. Me not being a family person was like, why?


Home before midnight! That's been quite rare lately with cleaning up the newly renovated house and shopping. I'm looking at buying a new camera within the next two weeks. Christmas shopping done, sent flowers to all the important ladies in my life (except one, that's happening next week) and jas is really the only person I need to buy for. Bio guy gets food (easy). No pictures because I didn't wrap it (between us it's unnecessary when you're going to rip and not not take a picture). Got him a hipster apron (he loved it, sent it to the wardrobe department as too good for kitchen use?), toaster (house warming XD), a knife (for security, and kitchen use, my best knife) and a bunch of things for the bath (because he has a tub). 

For December I've got cupcakes they didn't deliver, cookies, a candle, cool rolling pin and lots of stuff through competitions. :P Also opera tickets. While I love stuff and am quite materialistic, I love tickets for experiences. 

Everything I want is rare (e.g. that doll, and vintage polly pocket) or expensive and never on sale (tickets to fun workshops). Or dessert platters, which I'm getting myself. We've yet to go to Bibelot, Glass Den, Baba Sus & Co. We are not morning people therefore we do not brunch. 

Yum Cha for dinner we can do, and did tonight again. Chadstone was our first and tonight we're back, jas is still 30mins late and we have to save him food *sigh*. At least this time it wasn't me saving food for two people.


Today we cleaned a bit more, I was told the cleaner had done a sweep through, though they weren't great. Probably just dusted?

Lined the draws up with tissue paper (from kikkki k) and kraft paper, which is the cheapest wrapping paper you can get, it's 15 meters for $5. We got lucky and the height of the paper was perfect!


Dinner delivered by Deliveroo from Elephant Wings.

Chicken Satay Wrapped (2pcs) $11

A large wrap held together with toothpicks, generous fillings with a light satay sauce. We need more sauce, but other than that it was good. Chicken and salad wrapped in malay-style roti (completely different from indian roti).

Pad Thai Noodles (Prawn) $15

Freezes hard in the fridge but microwaved back to life the next day. Not enough prawns, or egg, mainly noodles. Flavours were good, a bit smokey not too salty or saucy.  
 sweet and tangy tamarind sauce


Don't you just hate it when they're active on social media but fail to mention that they're closed? That's how we found ourselves at Kanji.

It was good though fairly average. There was no miso. 

The afternoon was spent researching cameras. Tech and science are two things I struggle with. It'd like sending a guy out into the wild/unfamiliar territory for red nail polish. Which brand? Scent? Shade? Finish? Price? *brain explodes*

This year we didn't get into the carols event *sad* but it was very hot as this time of the year tends to be and we're moving houses, again. Instead we moved the freezer and most of the stuff in! Going to mod podge that freezer! Or cover it in marble contact. 


Our Christmas Movie this year is... Hairspray! Live! One of our favourite musicals. 

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Open Air Cinemas @ St Kilda Beach @ Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday 18th December

After four attempts we made it! It rained last year, event canceled (first time), again windy (second attempt), the other week canceled (third attempt). While no one told me about the third time, we found out right before the event and they were very sorry. So we got an upgrade. If you're going to do something once, do it well. And this is it.

Doors open at 5.30pm, movie starts 8.45pm. There's pizza, a bar, music and unlimited ice cream to fill in the time! We rocked up around 8pm, as we were lucky to not have to bring a picnic rug and set up camp. Instead we were in the VIP Star Lounge Area. 

With the VIP Star Lounge you get a lounger, blanket, a drink and table/seat service! This means you don't have to line up for food, it gets bought to you! While there were lines they went pretty fast. Though at 8pm there were only two flavours of Ben & Jerrys, not sure if had other flavours before. - Update: there's only two flavours. Chocolate and a really good vanilla with chunky bits (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough).

I got to sit next to the cutest guy at the event! His name is Chester. 

Seating options, the cheapest tix are picnic rugs, BYO. Then there's yellow concert chairs (think Sidney Bowl BYO), inflatable loungers and VIP reserved area. For all except VIP you need to get there early to get a spot. 

I greatly admire those people coordinated to bring picnic rugs, seats, cooler boxes, all the food and even wet wipes. These people delegate and assign roles like you, your job is to go early with the picnic blanket and save the spot. Of course these people operate in teams. Me, well it's just me on my own. I cannot do it all. 

The Menu - Pizzas

We were starving and ended up eating cold McDonalds, though the original idea was sushi. 

The sun soon set, jas arrived (only 2-3hrs late), the movie started and it got cold. A 20 degrees day, there are no summer nights, summer days are randomly distributed atm. I feel it in my fingers, but not my toes - the cold. Winter coats were a great idea! But next time I'd add a scarf and gloves too. Jas was cocooned up in his blanket XD being a tshirt guy. 

Prawns & Peas with Chilli - What an odd combo...

The movie we saw tonight is apparently a Christmas Classic, 'Love Actually' (mrs jas's favourite movie). My classic of choice would have been 'A Christmas Carol'. It was good, though some stories were iffy and it wasn't as amazing as the russian one, Yolki 1914.

With nine-ish plotlines three confused me (the guys were very similiar, one of them is Mr Darcy, the other is also a popular english actor). Somehow all the characters were connected some. 

Juliet, Peter, and Mark - Why would you tell your best friend's wife that you like her?!

Jamie and Aurélia - But you don't even speak the same language, that's crazy...

Sarah, Karl, and Michael - Girl at the office likes a guy who also works there, but her brother gets in the way. Well that's a downer, not sure why this story was included... as it didn't go anywhere. 

Mr Bean's gift wrapping scene was hilarious!

Featuring the most English popular actors I put this slide show together of where you might have seen them before.

Overall it was a fun experience, tickets are $45 + food. I'd recommend doing it once and doing it well. Would we go again? Probably not, it's a try once thing. I would have thought there'd be more than two ice cream flavours, but I suppose this way it limits consumption and therefore costs.

Have you been? How was it?

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