Charlie & Co. were gifted the product for a review. 

How do you like your cookies? Chewy, crunchy or crispy? We love them crispy so make them thinner to crisp up. 
We made/baked this quick and easy 'slice and bake' cookie dough by @the.doughco, so good, no mess. And they're so good! Perfect level of sweetness.
The white chocolate cranberry one are addictive as! It's not crazy sweet but just perfect. We made these as jumbo cookies (80g x 5) and they're huge!  Tip - freeze them before baking if you want less spread.

His favourite was the dark choc orange ones (34g x 12), with chunks of chocolate, a very generous amount that gives it that rustic bakery feel.
They both smell amazing and vanished within a day, shared with friends, he loves the orange ones and inhaled them while I can't get enough of the white choc cranberry. 

The great thing about baking your own cookies is you choose how they turn out > soft & chewy, crunchy or my favorite > crispy! No mess, and minimal clean up, also a great gift for house warming or whenever you're short on time, or even between meetings. 

You can find @the.doughco on instagram or their website.

Location - Pick Up from West Melbourne // or Delivered

There four flavours to try, priced $12-13 a roll. Each roll makes 5 x 80g ones (look at our white choc cranberry picture), 12 x 34g normal sized cookies (our choc orange picture). Which flavour is your favourite?

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