March 2020

First time visit to BonBon Bakery at the 24hr Kmart in Burwood, we're familiar with them as we like to stop by the Box Hill franchise whenever we pass by. Their swiss rolls are amazing. There was one in the city on Flinders long ago too.

Always take a picture before leaving the shop, cause I have dropped stuff before. :P

We were super busy last year so didn't have time till now (with all my events cancelled) to get a cake. Delighted to get this durian one, it's lighter in colour than in the catalog. So fluffy and light! Loving this sponge and the perfect layers of cream. It's like those typical Asian birthday cakes.

While I can smell the durian it's actually very light on the durian. There was more durian chunks, but being chunky it was all in one area... needs to be blended into the cream and spread evenly.

I'd prefer the fruit sponge from Bonbon. This is your starter durian cake. If you love durian I'd get a different cake. This with a coffee cream would be awesome too. Would definitely get another sponge cake based cake from Bonbon, but I found the durian too light as someone would loves it. For my durian cake needs we go to HS Cakes, he waits outside XD

Cost $40, sorry I don't recall what size it was. Service was friendly and required two days notice.

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