16th January 2021

Like most I'm better at saving recipes than actually using them, and so when I came across The Honey Thief's Lemon & Wattleseed recipe (after buying a cheesecake of course) we took a pictured and filed it away. Then recently we were sent an experience box by Foodie Trails featuring Australian Native ingredients and it was the perfect time to create these amazing cheesecake. A dense rice creamy NY style with nutty tastes compliments zesty lemon, topped with a praline that I could eat like popcorn!

This is the original recipe, found in Bulla's Spring/Summer 2017 recipe book. It's important to use Bulla sour cream as unlike other we looked at they didn't contain geletine to help it set. 

We made about 1/8th of the original which gave us 6 cupcakes + 1 20cm/8" inch high tart. In hindsight we should have done just all cupcakes.

Let us know if you make this at home, or have been to the bakery. 

Have you had wattleseed before and cooked/baked with it? 

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