Breadlicious - Forest Hill @ Friday, July 25, 2014

So a couple weeks ago we had placement not in or around the city. So we went exploring and found another BreadTop (asian bakery, minimal service, you'll go through as fast at McD), though this one's has a dine-in options. Also has great lighting for pictures and is nice and quiet. The only thing they don't have is wifi.  

Breadlicious has different cakes compared to BreadTop.

There aren't any good non-franchise cake places not in the city and surrounding areas.

Friday/Saturday seems to be the days they have the freshes cakes. 

Wonder if those macarons are nice. 

Mousse vs Sponge

Sponges & Strudels

These look interesting. 

I like places that have hot chocolate for the same price as coffee. They always use either a powder or syrup/choc sauce anyway, so it doesn't cost anymore than a coffee. Unless you're at a chocolate cafe and they used real chocolate. 

They have a smaller range than BreadTop but have a few different products. 

What is kaya? Didn't know walnuts are green... thought that was pistachio.

Special Buns.

Pandan Cake $11

Free wifi would be great...

Those boxes are hollow cake boxes. 

Rainbow Cake! $5.25

It was soft and fluffy, though I was disappointed each layer tasted the same, and the minimal cream. I love cream though not a cookies & cream cake, that's too much. Would be great if all their cake was served with some freshly whipped cream, topped with rainbow sprinkles or chocolate shaving and mint. Also the ganche on top without a lot of cream is too much, too intense. 

Durian Strudel $3.85

Pastry + Durian. Smells nice (to me) le beau did not join me as I was ordering this... Not sure if they used fresh durian or frozen/canned, though I've never had frozen or canned durian. It was nice but just average. I prefer just to buy a durian.

I do like the cake here and might be back. Service depends on who you get. The first time we got a nice asian guy who was great, the second the manager (I think) who was friendly but meh. I still rank their service higher than BreadTop's (excluding that one girl who gives service, those are rare).

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