Popcorn Chicken & Lychee Jelly @ Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tuesday 15th July

A quick stop by 'Little Cupcakes' to pick-up cupcakes for George, great to know they're open till 5.30pm and 6pm for pick-ups. On the website it says they close at 5pm. 

Cherry Ripe, Cookies & Cream, White Choc Raspberry and Pistachio.

Cherry was alright, don't recommend it, as it was cherry flavour and more like panadol then the bar of 'Cherry Ripe' which I love. White Choc Raspberry is a classic for me, but on this occasion only had one sad raspberry on the side and none within.

George's Favourite - Cookies 'n' Cream

Lucy's Favourite - Anything White Chocolate  

Returned and borrowed some book, the later was much heavier! But we have all the books I need. Photography's going to be really disappointing if it's about the history and theories, who needs to know that?

spring rolls stuffed with melted cheddar & edamame young soy beans, 
garnished with strings of dried chilli slices. ($10) 

Our adventure of the week was more fun than theories and much more hands-on, literally. Are you meant to use chopsticks to eat popcorn chicken? Hope not. :P We had dinner at Shizuku (Modern Japanese), with great entrees (yes I would come back just for those)! 

Karaage Popcorn Chicken  $12

a pile of deep fried free range chicken pieces with our secret batter recipe, 
served with kewpie mayo (and a wedge of lemon)

Found this on the way home. If you want to know where email me.
They also have Reese's PB Cups and Mike & Ike.


Made evaporated milk, drank it, whoops. It was nice and had a light caramel taste to it.

Ordered some shirts for work, really do need to get these remade in a great quality fabric, as these ones are crap and last only about 10 wears each. Our tailor's going to recreate them.

I'm a bit iffy about apps. Why do these need access to everything on you phone? Including the camera especially for apps that don't use the camera! How do I know they're not watching us?! I think all the permissions you give them allow you to be tracked and stalked. e.g. This one can see who your contacts are and their numbers. Also stalks you if you use the calendar. They can also see you via the camera and see all your pictures.

There's a relationship between the title and quote. XD 

I made dinner, and it tasted good. Achievement unlocked! 

We saw Monster's Inc, which I enjoyed more the second time.

Is that Boo (Mary) in Toy Story 3?


Today we made 'Lychee Jelly Pudding' recipe needs more details, cause this girl at least 20 of those ramekins she used in the picture. It makes a huge pot full - the pot we use to make soup and stocks. We being a family of 3, with enough for 2 meals and a bit. I used 5 ramekins, a rectangular dish 20x15, a small glass bowl, and two med/large ones. 

My Notes
- Whoops had the lychee water and lychee together to create the lychee puree. that was meant to be two separate ingredients, added at two diff stages. I added it at the later stage, and it was fine. So if  you the same thing it's fine.
- Agar agar, packet says 43g, so we only used 34g.
- Oh wow we used a medium bowl of sugar! But then again we did make a cauldron-full of jello.


I don't wear cuffs, but this one just spoke to me 
'To be, or not to be, that is the question' Act III Hamlet.
Possibly the most famous line from William Shakespeare's play, Hamlet.

Finished in an aged sepia brown. the alloy of zinc and copper will change patina over time and this is completely natural. $5 (was $35). Can be found here, and hereWe both love Shakespeare, and I find this cuff amusing. Consider where you wear cuff and then the meaning of that quote.

We went to high tea at the Old Hilton. It was average. Disappointing really.

Unlike these awesome TimTams! I like them both and would recommend and buy again.

Had an opportunity to wear my latest brooch, yes the middle is a mirror.
Wouldn't it be cool if there was a camera recording inside it?  

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