eDumpling on Flinders Lane @ Saturday, July 19, 2014

Edumplings is relatively new chinese restaurant on Flinders Lane. With a name like eDumpling I would have thought they would at least have a website, and even a pre-order take-away service, but no. We went in with low expectations for service, and high for dumplings, as on this particular Friday I was craving XLBs or dumplings.

The white panel under the sign is the menu - I love it when they have their menu outside, it's like an obligation free quote. It was high so I couldn't get a picture, and le beau had already wandered inside to get us a table. 

On Friday night around 7.30pm it was busy, with families, couple and friends going out for dinner together, mainly not asians (probably all in china town) so le beau wasn't sure of the food was going to be good or not. So we agreed to get only an entree.

Interesting there's two sections of the restaurant, upstairs and down with different lighting.

Who designed this deco!? That wallpaper is horrible! No function and it's distracting.

Upstairs you have your typical minimal deco. Those pictures of food on the wall is terrible. I hate it. You have a menu already, you don't need it on the walls too. Art would be much nicer.

More seats around the corner, opened in winter and prepared for summer. There was a self-serve station for hot water and cutlery - I think. It wasn't explained. 

We had the fried 'chicken & prawn dumplings' (12 pieces) for $11 ($10 if steamed). They were really good, dipped in soy sauce & vinegar. I would have liked to add sesame oil and seeds too for some deco. But they're as good as aunty's.

On another visit we had these 'Steamed Custard Buns' 4 for $6 ($1.50 each), which were very nice, though I prefer flowing custard. Recommended though. 

The cutlery was dirty. Table, could be cleaner, there was wipe marks. Need to go over that again. Sauce bottles were greasy. This is exactly why I don't like going to asian places (Japanese places excluded) I'm not certain that they're clean, pair that with non-existent service and you can see why we don't go often.

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 I do like this guide posted outside, we shall we back for the XLBs.

Where do you like to go for dumplings?

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