Friday's adventure, in between steampunk and dumplings we went to check out vintage wedding dressess at Ripponlea, a short walk from the station, with no shops that sold wedding dresses in between. There wasn't even any restaurants I wanted to eat at...  

Someone left the car unlocked :P no I didn't get in.

This so looks like the front entry, and yet isn't?

The actual entry. 

This dress by Cristina Re is made from paper. Isn't it amazing?

Follow the floating confetti. 

Lies. I paid way too much to be a bride for only one day.

We're still amazed by Cristina's creations. 

On entry this is the first dress you see. All the dresses are so pretty... and amazing. Check out all the details, someone hand-beaded all these dresses, they aren't mass produced in a factory somewhere in china off the rack dresses.

Another Cristina Re creation.

Middle dress detailing looks almost regency inspired.

This one looks quite heavy, with the skirt material looking like curtains. 

There's an 80s dress, not sure if it's from Neighbours (some show that's been running since the 80s) or Kath & Kim (trashy IMO, only ever saw it in acting classes). Anyway it's a similar style to one of my dresses, a costume with lots of beads. 

In terms of styling the 'Miss Havisham Room' was pretty cool, Halloween-esque themed. Photos weren't so great because of lighting (no natural lighting here). No flash! Because it destroys stuff that you want to preserve.

This is the closest you'll get to Marie Antoinette sized dresses. 

There's a dead hedge arch where you can create an origami flower and peg it to the branches.

Part 2 - Coming soon.

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