In celebrating of me finally getting the same usernames for my gmail, blog, instagram and twitter (which I have yet to use) and making a huge over-night move from charliedelta67 to curiousxcharlie, we're having a cupcake giveaway!

This is also a very belated blog-anniversary, as that happened in April, I took some pictures though never got around to it. Though I did back-up a lot, so the original picture above is in storage.  

But first le beau wanted to know the reason behind my first blog address/url. If you search up 'delta67' when just typing up that in search bar the first suggestion is "delta 67 blood+". Blood+ is one of my favourite animes, it's very violent but I love the characters and the music (I actually bought ost!). In Blood+ 'delta67' is a blood-borne disease that turns humans into monsters, that feed on blood. This blood comes from Diva, one of the twin queens, though it does not affect her. She along with her team are creating monsters known as 'Chiropteran' to create an army (and probably in the hopes of world domination). Her sister, Saya the protagonist is the good twin, raised as a human which Diva was locked up in a tower, it's her mission to slay all the monsters, and only she can do it, as her blood kills them. I loved that anime, and still have the grand theme (edited to 30sec) as my ringtone. P.S. Blood+ the anime is nothing like the movie which was crap. 'Charlie' was added in front as it then made it something that when you google only military and irrelevant link would turn up.

Easter Monday, I'm working on the bloganniversay giveaway! Which is a lot more challenging than you'd think, as beauty blogs giveaway beauty products and food blogs give away good food/wine giftcards or experiences. What about lifestyle blogs? Movie/theatre tickets? Shopping giftcards?

I wanted something unique, something Charlie. Something I made. And then when I was organizing my desk it came to me. Cupcakes! I can send you a freshly baked cupcake! Oh wait, post says no... that and it'll have tumbled and gotten squished along the way...

How about a felt cupcake? That's perfect said le beau! Though I thought you were designing an aqua center? Yes I am, I've planned it all, downloaded it. Why cupcakes? I love cupcakes, and they start with 'C'. Yay! And so that's the story of how I decided what to giveaway for my bloganniversay + housewarming giveaway.

Le Petit Gateau - Emily the Strange - When in Rome!

Violet Crumble - Summer Days - Canary at Sea 

It's a brooch (because I love brooches!), you will get to choose the colours for the cupcake, and if you'd like sequins. Or you could choose something I designed (see above). I also have seed-beads but only in black and red (semi-transparent, not solid).

Example of seed-beads with a different cupcake design, this design's too big for a brooch so we decided not to use it. More home deco or accessories size, like on a little girl's bag or dress. I just wanted to share this picture too. :)


Felt Choices - Yes that is flash, I'm a vampire nocturnal, don't see much sunlight.

So how I do win a custom cupcake brooch? At first I was going to have a question with 25WOLs but le beau pointed out that not everyone has the same specialty as me. :P So I have decided to make this chance based rather than skill. 

To enter you have to... 
1. Be follower (blogger or bloglovin') and post how you follow and your username
2. Follow me on instagram (you can do this via destop btw).
3. Comment on a past post.
4. Leave your email.

We'll throw your entry number (e.g. first entry is no.1) into a random generator and the first three numbers it throws out wins a custom cupcake brooch made by Charlie! 

- Australian Entries Only!
- Yes postage is included
- You have to be a follower to enter 
- Giveaway starts 10.30am Monday 21nd July...
- ....ends 4.30pm Friday 1st August 2014. 
- Winners will be announced the following Monday, on this post. 
- But I'll email the three winners for their custom selected cupcake. 
- Competition accounts can't enter (lottos people that you).
- One entry per person.

There will be 3 winners!


How big is it?
Slightly bigger than a bottle of nail polish in height. 

Will my cupcake look exactly like in the picture?
No but it'll be close enough, I'm out of those cherries but have smaller ones. 
You can pick your own colours, and sequins (y/n and colour).

What if I'm gluten intolerant? Or don't like cupcakes?
Lets pretend this cupcake uses gluten-free flour, and is vegan too. 
You don't like cupcakes? Must be a cookie person then.

Is the competition open internationally?
No sorry, I'm not very good at figuring out postage prices. 
Also it will take a month to get to you, and might get lost.

What if I don't want to follow you or don't follow the steps?

Partial entries will not be included in the draw.

Good Luck! 

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