It does creep me out a little that all the stairs creek when you step on them, even though it's totally safe. But it would be terrifying to live here alone.

For a moment it looked like they were missing a pink dress. 

A 20s beaded dress? Didn't take notes as we're doing the tour in Sept.

Definitely Gatsby inspired. 

That's a good idea, not to spend thousands on a dress you'll wear twice. 

What do you think of a red sequin dress for a wedding?

So many dresses with tiny waists (crazy corsets) the slimmest one was the blue dress, we think that waist is the size of my thigh. XD No I do not have a thigh gap, never have never will (at least till I get mummified and shrink).  

Sequins that reflect are pretty. But I prefer a disco ball. :P

The Origami Room.

Back when underwear was designed to hold you in place and not be sexy.
I think I have around 10 corsets at the moment, one with sparkles.

One room for the gentleman. That suit with tails looks great. 

Some of the pictures are from here, I've got to get a more pro camera with a huge flash. :P

 Work in progress. Wouldn't you do the whole bodice in one piece?

Went for a quick stroll as I heard there were bunnies! And a sleeping duck... Got some pictures of the pop-up cafe. It's sad when the cheapest thing they sell is coffee, though at 3.50 it's not city prices. There's a fully indoor room that I didn't get a picture of, as it was quiet busy.  

A pop-up cafe, where the cheapest thing you can get is tea/coffee. Hot choc included?

There's also a totally indoor room, which we didn't get a picture of. 

*click to enlarge* 
The Menu. For $25 le beau jokes he'll be keeping the teaware.
I'm going to wait for our next trip to Como to have Devonshire Tea.

The Giftshop - Oh wow all those pom-poms are amazing...
We just need to go over it with a can of spray glitter!

Cristina Re does the prettiest w/o glitter teacups! 
I'm accident prone so it's not going to happen. 

To buy or not to buy that is the question. We went back for that brooch today (Sun, was here Friday too). It's pretty, classy and looks good with just about anything. That and there's only a limited amount of them (and I believe the woman at the counter, don't think it's a marketing "limited ed." yet we got 20 more out back thing).

This shot looks almost like it's a cottage out of a fairytale.

My favourite dress? Hmm... I would select different elements/details from each dress. But in terms of shape I love the wide Marie Antonitte style one. Still designing my own dress.

If you love pretty dresses especially all things wedding I'd definately reccomend the exhibition. As well as the amazing dresses don't forget to step back and check out the acutual mansion itself. 

A quick film. And nswp ad. The exhibition is on till end of September, that's a very long time... so until then there's no house tours, we'll be back in October. Meanwhile anyone with membership, you don't get free entry to the gardens, even though the exhibition isn't in the gardens and they give you a ticket for entry to the mansion when your purchase it... 

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