First Week Back @ Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday 22nd July

First Week Back - Still deciding if I want to do the Disney Program or not...

On my way to class it was foggier than it had been for months.

Another level 1 business class, a filler for the lack of subjects I actually need which are not offered. :( The good news is that I know two people in the class. :) Girl who wants to be on that 'Doctor's without Boarders' program and ex-graphics designer guy who grew a beard, wears classes and now has the hipster look. XD

Oh dear...

Acquaintance from a couple years ago is back and had a subject clash, so I offered to take notes for the 30mins that she was still in another class. What didn't occur to me was that Austin took that class, he's back, I'm moving out of Tuesday. The acquaintance fortunately did turn up, or that would have awks. Though me being me I'd still walk out when I get bored. But I do like musical cards... 

For the first time in years (I have no idea how long I've known Austin for, my perception of time is iffy) I'm ok. Because I did not have a panic attack when I saw him, and he's a trigger. I may have hyperventilated and felt like I ran a few hundred meters (my area is speed, not endurance unlike Hector who goes 10km per hour) but I recovered within minutes. With no one offering to call 911 or asking if I was ok. I did not notice if there was someone sitting next to me or not.

Lunch - $8/$9 I forget. 

Third year, it's the first time we tried the hot chocolate at the cafe - it was powdery and watery. Not nice. We also had a panni for lunch which was average. I have not missed out on anything. Can you believe this is the first time in three years I've eaten at cafeteria at school? Yes I sat alone (everyone else was in class or had gone home).

We finally checked out that pop-up soft taco place, if you missed it you didn't miss anything. It's just minced beef and various typical taco fillings. I prefer MadMex's nakid burrito or those chips, like Doritoes but not, can't recall the name atm.

 After that we explored H&M, a bowtie for le beau and tights for me. 
Wow they are crazy tight! Next time I'm getting the XL.
Other than some accessories H&M just isn't my style.


The day started with a trip to the dermatologist, who was helpful and gave some tips and recommendations for my crazy sensitive skin, also sending me to get more tests done. She said no to toner, but I just started on another bottle... good thing I don't have anymore in stock. It was rushed so I didn't have an opportunity to ask about the sunscreen. She has the biggest diamond I have ever seen in real life not at a jewelry store, at least 20 carats - though I'm starting to think it's something else, as who would spend that much on a ring? Other than celebs.

We did something spontaneous! We lunch at a Japanese place that I didn't look up a review for. "Conveniently" open 11-4pm weekdays only. Deco was pretty much like your average Vietnamese place, though they had an open kitchen and the place was designed with the idea that it's mainly a take-away place. Tables out front are nice though.

I had the 'Chicken Bento Box' $13 I love bento boxes! This one was fun with many different elements. Unfortunately it tasted average. But the bento did come with miso soup which was good. The teriyaki chicken was alright, not amazing or anywhere as good as 'Purple Peanuts' though. But I'm glad I gave it a shot, it was a very filling lunch.

Made it to skool just as my 3rd class of the day was ending. Met psych friend, Carl (new-ish, he has always been there, great guy though I haven't spoken to him much) and we had some good discussions, which really helped. The topic that we started with was panic attacks, and we looked at solutions/ideas for short/med/long-term. He was a great help and had it was good to see it from someone else's POV, someone who's not involved. Best part of the day. 

Marketing, feeling overwhelmed with so much work! The lecturer is fine, except that I don't like her voice and the fact that she adds "hay" in a deep tone after every few sentences. It is so annoying! Is she aware she does that? Should I tell her? I can't listen to her for 6hrs (literally) every week! This is the bit where I have a huge appreciation for voices that are nice and not annoying. She's not very friendly, but not mean either, she's just in the middle, but not liked/popular. 

I may have slept at different internals during that last lecture, I can't stand her voice. It's not the accent, it's her actual voice, it's not pretty and has no warmth. I went to Austin's presentation, even he has warmth and he's even a tiny bit friendly (his voice, not him). Still amazed that she works 11 hour days with little breaks, and she talks for all those hours... 


A long day, we left at 9am got home 10.30pm (missed the train by a minute, as it was 2 minutes earlier than yesterday, though actually it was late yesterday).

Caught an earlier train and we had time to stop for b'fast, baguettes at 'Waffle On' on Degraves, we had the chicken which was delicious though I'd like to add brie. Service was good, though I struggled a tiny bit with le accent. We'll be back for waffles! Oh how I wished they had a turkey & cranberry baguette. 

Photography class, everyone's studying the arts, Looking forwards to learning more skills, especially all things hands on. You do not want to be late to this class - we have more people than chairs and computers. They like to over-enroll as there's an expectation that not everyone will turn up. The teacher's work is amazing, though abstract so not an object, which I struggled with. Her style is exhibited at galleries! Including one in Berlin.

On the way to the library we passed Austin in the hallway. I only saw what he was wearing (same thing as Tuesday O.o) but not him. Like when he's annoyed his eyes darken (funny story, I actually have no idea what colour his eyes are, brown maybe?) but I wasn't looking. Cue panic attack as soon as we went around the corner. On the ground, racing heart, not hyperventilating. 3 minutes and the heart recovered, the brain however did not till it reset. 

We did make it to the library for some research. Had a break, went to the bar, met people. I'm not interested but a easy way to get a guy's contact details, if you have a pro camera with you is to take a good picture of him and then grab his email to send it to him. ;)

Back to the library, oh wow day 4 and I'm still the only person here (other than the phd people). Stopped by Safeway for a pre-dinner snack, though really I've been so tired I don't think I've eaten dinner this week, I just pass out when I get home. The dr is concerned. But we did have a dinner/snack of yoghurt and a berry muffin (frozen, not nice)? Next time we'll skip the muffin.


Unleash Creative Draw! Pilgrim Workshop
@ Finders Keepers AW14 Melbourne Market


Open House Weekend! Well that's what le beau & co went to anyway, I wasn't feeling so good and the dr didn't recommend me accompanying them on Sunday. Plus he may of knew I may whine or not handle spending the day lining up very well... 

Saturday we went to dinner as I wanted McD's fries, though we went to SpudBar and shared one (I can't finish it alone). Home for a movie together, where I fell asleep and have no memory of the movie, but we still spent time together. :)

We'd be worried if it wasn't vegetarian and vegan! 

How was your first week back? Or are you still on vacation?

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