H&M @ Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We went for a quick walk and as it wasn't busy we stopped by H&M, though I was planning on getting just tights I also picked up something for le beau, and his bowtie Fridays.

They have nice things for the nursery, though this is creepy.

I do like the way the men's department is styled, it's above the average place, with a country club theme going on. Though le beau is not the average guy, throughout college he worked at the Alannah Hill of menswear, it's pretty but more like stylist and timeless suits and ties for guys.

They sell masks, the next masked ball is going to be hilarious when they all wear the same mask! These would be good as basic masks for the theatre.

I don't get what the big fuss was about (unless you're into the menswear department). 
Have you been to H&M? Did you (like Lily) line up for hours when it first opened? 

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