Quarterly Empties - From the Bathroom @ Thursday, July 31, 2014

L'Occitane Divine Eye(Cream) 15ml/$90
This eye cream was nice but nothing special (other than the bottle). It was so light it was more of a lotion than cream. A HUGE disappointment to match that HUGE price tag. This is the most expensive product I have ever purchased for my face. Regret. 

Biotherm - Aquasource Moisturizer - 50ml/$60
This moisturizer smells nice, as the name suggests it smells like the sea. It was as good as Clinque's DDML, though it's more expensive (this is after Clinque lowered their prices in Aus) though unlike Clinque it's a tub rather than pump, less hygienic. Also Biotherm is no longer available in Australia since I received this sample. 

Botani - Olive Skin Serum 15ml/$31
I love this serum! It's better than RHO, as it's lighter and less intense in smell. When I'm having an allergic/bad skin day, while this I don't think speeds recovery it does make me feel much better, while my normal creams hurt. We've bought this serum (oil) a few times, when I use it twice a day as a moisturizer it only lasts around a month. Wish it came in a bigger size. 

Natio - Rosewater & Chamomile Gentle Skin Toner Gentle Skin Toner 250ml/$14
My second and last bottle, as while this for sensitive skin it's not for very very sensitive skin. It smells great! Unlike any other toner. But now it just burns. 

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Remover 112ml/$9
Great product that works with all my mascaras, and eye liners. Repeat purchase. 

Paula's Choice - Lip Perfecting Gentle Scrub with Micro-Beads 0.5oz/$10
This taste bad, but you're not meant to eat/taste it. It feels chemical but works very well, and you only need a tiny bit of the product. I prefer something more natural, plus I can make my own exfoliates, so wouldn't purchase this. 

Simple - Soothing Facial Toner 200ml/$8.40
My new toner, it doesn't burn and works very well. Haven't tested it with removing eye make-up as my eye make-up remover works well. Interestingly the old bottle says it contains two vitamins but the new bottle only has one? Edit - The dermatologist said I can't use a toner. :(

Ego Sunsense - Sensitive/Ultra/Sport SPF 50+ Sunscreen (Link)
I'm allergic to this brand, it itches and burns. Did not go well at all. Fortunately ego's customer service was great and we got a refund (I bought the sensitive in full-size before I received the samples).

The Body Shop - (Spa Wisdom Africa) Ximenia & Salt Scrub 350ml/$50
This smells amazing! Like coconut. Great scrub, though tbh I'm not sure if it does anything for me, as I'm not a scrub person. That and it's really expensive (I normally make my own scrubs), but does last a long time. If I had to have a scrub this would be the one. 

WOTNOT Facial Wipes for Combination/Sensitive skin - 25pk/$8
These are super soft and refreshing. I like this one and the FOA one, this one's organic though as it's just a facial wipe does it really matter that much? Unless all those chemical ones burn. 

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