Flinders Keepers - Melbourne AW 2014 @ Friday, August 01, 2014

Tonight we went to the Unleash Creative Draw! Pilgrim workshop at the Finders Keepers AW14 Melbourne Market, which was fun. Tickets were $60, which is not worth it. They're worth $10-20 really. Though Lily says she can do something similar with her class, maybe grade 4. 

I like the sprinkles, geometric garland and the foil tinsel-ish thing.

We did the workshop with Pilgram (that is actually her real name) where we traced and cut out templates to create pictures. So many colours... hence I was lost. Next time I'd like to do a red/bk/white one. We picked the kioshi doll which was the easiest one. :)

The Event - Not open on Sunday?

Jas lined up for 40mins to get it. I miss my staff pass. The line was much longer than Comic-Con and curved around the centerpiece twice and the end of the line was the car park area. They were letting people in batches at a time.

We spent another 20mins lining up to order dinner and then 40mins to get it. Fortunately there were no more lines after that. Cold cheese bagels aren't nice, but there wasn't anything I actually really liked offered that night. One van sold lemonade but they had long lines. There was a van for African food though no one was lining up there, so we were iffy about trying something new. Unfortunately no one sold spring rolls - which I love. 

There was a few food trucks (no dessert though), a cupcake stand and some homemade treats stalls, and we got some cotton candy. Rose and coconut were the best, and we also got lemonade which wasn't as good as expected. 

 I love the yarn deco going on and the tinsels. Great bg for a photo booth.

A creative way to present organic chocolate. Cotton candy! We bought a few of those, and was tempted to get marshmallows too, but then remembered they're at Thomas Dux too and at the same price. 

This would look great on Emily, though it's not her style. 

 Lovely repurposed ties from 'Little August', I once made one, we got another that I'm "working on" too, which would great if I finished it soon, as they're great with shirts and winter. In summer there's so many nice flowing blouse-y tops it's hard to wear shirts. Here's the one I did finish, for Emily, who I don't think actually like it.

Yes I do want a bobbin brooch! We got one in emerald green.

I love Blank and wooden beads though $15 is $$$ for plain beads. We need to find a supplier, the cheapest I've found is $1 each for plain unpainted beads. Anyone found a supplier? I'm only going to make them for myself and one friend (a volunteer, SIL).

 $30 for 50 Beads, delivered on etsy. Anyone want to split it?

Other craft supplies I'm loving. Washi tape & vials for potions.

I'd love one of these for our wedding, as a gift, a custom one of us.

Bunny! Can't wait to get our own place and have artwork like this framed on the walls.

I do like this display, there's something of an old world feel about it for me.

Brooches, pendents and bowties.

Knitting Brooches $15 - Kitty Came Home
Aren't these cute?

On the way home, for others at 10.30pm the night was just starting.

The event itself wasn't good enough to justify lining up for that long. Not worth it. It went from 6pm to 10pm tonight, an hour to get in, another for food and a 2hr workshop and you don't have much time to explore. Should have opened at 4pm. I've always wanted to go to Flinders Keepers though found this experience disappointing. Meanwhile le beau & co were with Mahler on opening night, I wanted to go though we already had workshop tickets.   

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