Dentophobia @ Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The second week back was a series of up and downs, and it's all happening inside my head. It's not a case of we're all mad here, not yet, and we'll leave before that happens again. A relapse of last year won't be good.

The ring le beau pick. I really like it.

Tuesday 29th July

Stressed and freaking out quite a bit. Today was a day of appointments. Dentist, we need 11 fillings! Holy crap! That's a new record, 11/28 teeth. I'm so freaked out that I'm packing my toothbrush + kit and bringing it out and about with me. Picked up my glasses, was feeling a bit sick w/o them.

Stopped by an asian town to get lychee for another round of jelly! Shopped (planned) at Priceline, this time we checked all the prices and made sure everything was in the bag. The SA probably thinks I'm an accountant or banker. :P

The worse thing to shop for, to me is shoes. I love looking at them, but the majority 95%-ish won't fit my special feet, so we have to go to certain stores. We're so lucky they still sell the one I bought last time, so we've ordered that for $180 on sale. Doesn't look like a sale to me, but they're great shoes. You can really feel the difference between old and new. Also discovered boots that fit me! Never having worn boots (knee high) before they feel restricted at the ankle, but they fit! We'll pass this time but one day I shall buy boots!

ECCO Saunter 65 Tall Boot $200

Was $400?! How much good boots worth? I have no idea.
  • Uppers made of shiny, classic leather with antique finish
  • Leather lining and covered inlay sole with ECCO Comfort Fibre System
  • Direct injected, two-component PU sole
  • Heel height is 65 mm (2.6 in)


Today at some point in the afternoon I was talking to mr IT and we (I) felt negative. Not sure what it is, but perhaps I'm feeling hurt? Or sad? I don't normally feel anything, so when I do it's intense (and normally a panic attack followed by a psychological breakdown). What does it even mean to feel hurt? Other than a negative emotion I'm lost, but I think it's affected by something external. I'm scared of losing control again. And I'm scared that bad things will happen because I'm not totally open. Because if I was it would upset le beau. I prefer the need-to-know basis rather than over-sharing, which upsets people. 

We've decided to drop a subject, can't survive 6hrs of her voice. Really hoping the other one will take it next year. Dropping a subject means more times for travel and homework. Taking an arts lvl1 class which is a version of one I've done, but with a more reflective approach. Morals vs ethics was today's topic. The samurai is in the same class :) he came to class smoking XD literally, being pretty tall it's amazing he didn't set off the smoke alarms and activate the sprinklers. He forgot to put it out, and somehow no one told him till he got to class. 

Marketing is getting easier, or rather I'm working really hard on ignoring/filtering out the "hey" which two others said are actually "kay"s. It just comes out after every few sentences! I counted over 50 times in 45 minutes! Surely she can't be conscious that she's doing this, if she is she's a great actor, no one would remember to keep it up. Consumer behaviour we always enjoy, though hope to do something more hands on. What if we tazzer her each time she says it? Through conditioning she can unlearn that behaviour. 

So I'm meant to brush my teeth 30mins after I eat each time - which means no more snacking... struggling with this. Today we did brush my teeth after breakfast. Still totally freaking out, this is going to become an OCD thing. On the way home someone asked me if I was ok, that was nice of him. I'm just too tired to function. That and I look depressed when I think.


Struggling with photography, we're going too fast and with no written notes. Shall read the book and try this on my own. To the library! It was bright, sunny but windy before, but by the time I left the library it was dark and rainy, still windy. Freezing. We started some work, but got in too deep and got lost. 

Shopping with Lily. First stop was Mimco, for their 'Intergalactic Event', much much smaller than expected. It was pretty much two models (who were nice, the general rule being models are not nice) with sparkling water and candy. Why do people like sparkling water? Tastes like panadol + water to me. :( Would be different if it had flavour though.

Next we went to Roll'd, which failed. T&C not clearly stated on the website! Lunch only. 

Dinner at the Emporium. Jimmy Grants, I had the chicken/lamb combo. Love chips! Sadly they sell it as a side but for $7. The souvlaki  I really liked, would recommend and buy again. At the time it felt like a snack though. Would this be a snack to you? At $9 it's an expensive snack.

I love sushi trains! Though there are cheaper ones around I'd like to try.

We bought shoes! I reordered the usual. :P $180 on sale.

Finally we got to the 'Magnum Pleasure Pop-Up Store' where you can pick your own coating, toppings and drizzle. There was a mix-up and I ended up with an extra ice cream! (Free.) Lily already has one (which she started on while I was in line, forgot about the picture) so I ate both. It was a good idea at the time, but I don't feel so good, and I wasn't the one eating rose petals. 


Made brunch, not sure if it was on Friday... no glitter was harmed in the process.
The glitter is for the dollhouse, that or I may make a charm bracelet from it.

We saw 'Strictly Ballroom' which was entertaining, though it was like set in a small town where everyone's life evolved around ballroom dancing. 

On other days...

We had a tuna bun from BonBons, dislike.

What do they need all the information?!

How do we know this actually works? I have a sticker over my front camera.

Don't see this happening... 

Just checking out sushi at Safeway. 

Believe it or not I have never actually seen Sleeping Beauty, even though she's my favourite princess/fairytale. Being the one that le beau says "if someone breaks in I kinda expect you to protect me, as you're in the NRL" I am no damsel in distress, though love the idea of him saving me.

Does anyone else find the name of the dead girl in PLLs interesting? In Desperate Housewives Beth Young is quite a fragile characters by nature, and she ends up dead. And in PLLs they find her body and she's 16/17 with the same name, and described as a fragile patient. 

How was your week?

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