21 Random Pictures @ Friday, August 08, 2014

I love this picture, it has such as Manhattan, NY feel to it. One day we shall travel!

Looking forwards to OUAT, back in Sept/Oct.

What a pretty bottle. I do like all the ways people shoot this bottle. 

This picture was a different shade of blue before I uploaded it.
But if you add pearls it would be a nice Cinderella prop.

My favourite anime, it has a great soundtrack.

Can you spot the battery? Here is where we saw ABBA.

I do miss watching Madeline, though the girls' friendship was a bit unrealistic.

How we feel with upcoming work due. 

People find baths relaxing. but my mind wanders and I do anything but relax...

Regret not buying the foam flowers for this headband. 

From Ikea and for less than $5.

I'd love to make all these thing. Piping I love.

Cool earrings. 

le beau can figure this out w/o a calculator. 

I like this style, not the layout though. 

I did guess it was a horse before she posted that. XD

I hate the Friday posts, that unfortunately happen weekly. 

That would be so much fun! We should get bubbles too.

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