Oh wow that building is very very bright!

Oh look a star. I wonder if that's part of the event?

Round She Goes is a preloved & vintage women's fashion market, in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Offering preloved designer labels and quality vintage fashion, accessories and jewelry. 

I've always wanted to go to the vintage market 'Round She Goes' though it hasn't happened because I work weekends, though at the moment we're on a break as I've finished my hours. By random chance I won a $50 voucher to spend at the event on Sunday at 'Box Hill Town Hall'. Hence it was the perfect opportunity to go, with le beau (note there's nothing there for the guys which he found disappointing, he was looking forwards to vintage bow ties).

I love that the voucher was monopoly money! And so did le beau. Haven't you always wanted to pay for stuff with monopoly money? Almost everyone knew that there was an American about with monopoly money, though a couple people were like O.o.

First stop coffee. There was a pop-up cafe, with good hot chocolate (they use 'Vittoria Original Chocochino Italian Style Drinking Chocolate') and gluten-free cupcakes, surprisingly nice, still moist just a bit more dense than my cupcakes. Le beau and I were there at different times so didn't get a picture together.

Pauline's Vintage Delights - $10 Brooches  

Do you think different spots have different prices for vendors? I know with exhibitions they do. By the door was Pauline who sold lots of jewelry, including brooches, rings, and necklaces. There was also clothing, although I wasn't really look at that. She sold some lovely silver necklaces, which I didn't get a picture of... but I did get pictures of the locket I bought.

I love lockets, there's just something special about them. Though we have yet to find someone who can shrink a picture that small to fit inside. Forever searching for the perfect locket, this shall be one as soon as I remove those plastic faux-pearl beads which looks like a child chewed on it. But the locket itself I really like. Oh and that's a stock picture, taken on a desk, not mine.

To the other side of the entrance was a stall with lots of small looking dresses, cool prints and causal tops with bunnies! There's this shirt that to me looks like you'd sleep in, and another top that you tie above your midriff. If there was a plain v-neck cotton/poly/elastane blend with that bunny print I'd buy it. 

There was a vast quantity of vintage and modern things, from 40s/50s gloves to glomesh and heavily sequined coats for grandma. I did spot a flimsy light summer skirt from Alannah Hill for $30, we didn't really look at clothes, because tbc I have a fear of old things and germs. Fluro Triad - Frannie Loves Red

One lady was selling this pretty dress (left) which was her wedding dress! It looks Mary Poppins inspired or something from the 40s (Southern Belle-ish) but it's actually inspired by a dress Princess Diane wore to a charity concert in October 1982 by 'The Emmanuels' (designers).

I do like those print tops (right) though sleeveless is not my style. But that doesn't mean I don't like it, just means I wouldn't wear it. They would look good with dark jeans in summer though, no necklace as it's got enough detail, but for the red one I'd wear big black bangles or something.

There was a lot of cheap jewelry, one stall had them all for $1 (not this picture) though the majority offered was from ebay, so no loss or profit there. You'd be surprised what you can find on ebay.

Fake House of Harlow 1960 - Sunburst Pendent
We got this for $1, it has a very long chain great for another project.

That is a lovely print (left) though at $100 it was one of the most expensive things at the market. Found these lovely purple satin shoes that were my size, though we didn't get them as they hurt my feet, but I do have a matching dress. 

Learnt something new - how to put on a wrap dress (bottom right) that is called a wrap dress because it's like a one piece of fabric you literally wrap and tie up around yourself. This one's by Wayne Cooper, but I have a winter dress with almost the exact same pattern!

Earrings - Bellissima Glass 

Anything with glitter I like, I'd love to see pendents and bangles with the same design

Mini lace parasol, perfect for a toddler! Though they get bored real fast and someone else will be holding it. Basic aprons, one had a dino print, though with no pockets it wasn't my thing - but they did have reversible sides.

Owls, not seen on ebay - My Vintage Obssession 

Sylvie Jewellery 

There was a lovely double breasted red coat by JAG $30, not my style, though I've always wanted a red trench, but it's hard to find one with only one row of buttons.

Red is always a good idea - unless you're at a networking event where the theme was black & navy (no one told me) or someone is giving a description of you to the police, in that case you want that red thing to be reversible (hopefully black on the other side)!

The highlight of the market, haori are worn over the kimono and obi (sash) in the cooler months, it's like a coat. I've always wanted a kimono! Though not the mini mini one on ebay that ends like an inch under your ass - I do have a dress or two like that. Not sure how the belt/sash goes, but it sure does look like a version of the corset in that it keeps you together, and unable pick up a pen if you drop it.

Kimono & Obi $20

Some of the seams have died, but that's ok we can fix that, and the length too. Going to add some snap buttons and hook & eyes. That belt is going to be made into something like a bowtie that you just clip on.

Things Bought - A fake Harlow Sunburst Necklace $1, pink ombre fabric 50c, a shirt $5 to make into something crafty and... my first kimono $20! Including the 4m long sash that makes me feel like sushi. :P  Oh and a locket $20.

The next market in Melbourne is on Sunday 26 October 2014 
at Coburg Town Hall. Seems like a quarterly event. More info here. 

Do you buy vintage or go to markets?

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