Exploring Box Hill - Part 1 @ Sunday, August 10, 2014

Last Sunday's adventure was meant to be a night with 'Wicked' though I lacked the patience for that to happen, but we still had fun, going to a vintage market, lunch with le beau and discovering new dessert things.

Why don't dogs like me? This one hid behind the pole when I came up to say hi.

Lunch was noodles at the park, as it was such a lovely sunny day with no wind. Followed by an exploration of the area, in the form of a stroll, as we weren't at a park there was no parasols and top hats involved. 

Custard Pudding in Eggs @ The Booth Dessert Express

We discovered a couple Taiwanese places, something we have never tried before. They have dessert! And le beau surprised me with pudding in eggs! Taste similar to the egg pudding at yum cha, and I love it! Especially the presentation.

$3 each (dine-in), 2 for $4, 8 for $12.

Best served cold. I'd love to make these!

We'll be back to try other asian desserts, there was some offers like 3 for $10 on desserts. Sweet Steam Egg looks nice, I love egg and anything creme caramel though mother makes the best ones, which she learnt from her French grandma.

Not my pictures. 

Other interesting desserts, honey toast to me sounds/looks like very thick cuts of toast or perhaps waffle-ish things adored with fruit and cream. Wondering if the product looks anything like the picture or if that's just suggested serving like pictures of cereal boxes.

How BreadTop & Co. works. What if I'm not a coffee person? Why are also all bakeries asian? There only three that I know of that aren't, one's the new German one with lots of pretzels on Elizabeth St.

I am so using this for our customer retention presentation XD click to enlarge. So it's saying the VIP club is free to join, but will cost you $100, which you can use. So it's essentially a debit card that forces you to always go here for coffee.

Just from a quick look there doesn't seem to be any great cafes around unlike in the city, but then again I do like the sponge/cream cakes at BreadTop, but there isn't really a cafe culture in the area, is there?

Bubble Cup, if only the city ones had specials like that. Bakeries fascinate me, till I wonder how long ago everything was made. Sure they couldn't have made everything in the past 48hrs... Shop name - so asian XD looks like a $2+ shop that sells everything.

Loom bands, the latest thing. When I was little there were these plastic "strings" you could plait/twist to make bracelets/keyring stuff/shapes, anyone remember what they're called? You could add beads to your creations, and there was glitter, pastel, fluro. Obviously the glitter one are my favourite, would still have them in storage.

Have you ever been to Box Hill? Any dessert places to recommend?     

Blogger Sally Li said... on August 10, 2014 11:18 AM  

Have you been to Food Republik. That place was really good the last time I tried
Here is my post: http://newintstudents.blogspot.com.au/2014/04/food-republik.html

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