Bad Food & Great Movies Week @ Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Monday 4th August

Days that start in the afternoon are nice. Today started at 1.45pm, by luck I crossed the road just-in-time for the bus and tram. We were a bit early and had time to explore.  

Had my hair trimmed and styled (curls) at Francapelli Academy, a hairdressing school for just $25. Great price, and Steph was great. The hair lasted two days before I washed it.

The Aussie - bacon, egg, beetroot, tomato, lettuce & BBQ Sauce + pineapple $5.20

Temptation to buy a burger. It was huge! Quantity over quality, it was bland and had no flavour. Regret. It was the marketing that got me this time. Ordered it deconstructed but the girl had no idea what that meant... 

" your own low standard processed ingredients, uncaringly throw them together yourself then microwave until warm..." - GaryShould have gone to McD instead, and gotten a 'Happy Meal'

Got some notes done and my draft for the report, and picked up some dumplings which were average and I couldn't eat. Ok they weren't nice, and maybe below average. If I had known the location (bought through ourdeal) I wouldn't have bought it. 'I Love Dumplings' is the student cafeteria next to UniLodge, student food = cheap crap most of the time.

I love these mirrors! Shall get one when I get my own place.

Perfect for the dressing room, or just in the hall.
Someone needs to move that bin, it's not part of the set.

Tonight we went to see '100 Foot Journey' at Como in South Yarra. A good movie, one I recommend. If you do see it, do you think she dies of smoke inhalation (what normally happens) or was she burnt alive? There was a lot of fire. It was a nice movie, though I wasn't sure about the ending, and how their restaurant was abandoned in a way, as the siblings did not seem as passionate or maybe just as talented. But I did enjoy the movie very much, from experience movie at Como and always good. Still not up for trying sea urchins alive. :P

Fusion food, french and indian would be interesting. All the french food in Melbourne is either food like baguettes, crepes, waffles and croissants for lunch/snacks or fine dinning, there is no inbetween. Wish there was, as I have never been to a French restaurant.    


You know you're not having a good week when you have your rights read to you... Even though you know them off by heart. 

"What are you?" he asked. We did not have a good afternoon. Having your description described to the police and being arrested makes a good story though. You did not just ask me what I am! First he says I'm Canadian and then I point, ok I may have yelled at him, that I am not! Mr Events kinda saved me from being handcuffed (I have a major wrist injury so guess who's going to get sued). He and Mr Law/IT (or anyone who can look me up on the system) knows/can find out where I live, but other than that no one knows where I live. 

Also had an issue with the inspector not believing that my name is mine, as the way I look and my name doesn't match. That was not cool. 

The afternoon resulted in two offences (he started the 2nd!) and a $500-ish fine.

But before that we were in a workshop.

Lunch - Custard Steamed Buns $1.50 each. These were nice though I prefer flowing custard.

There's a new coffee places uses 'Indulge Your Senses Milk Drinking Chocolate' next to Port Phillip Arcade, on Flinders before you get to Elizabeth. We shall be back!

One of my favourite snacks, it's addictive!

We have yet to get these apple strudels from Perth as no one wants to split it with me. :(

There's a couple new places that have opened over the past week in the city, like Persian Grill where 'Cupcake Bakery' who uses packet mix used to be. A corner store not on the corner near us stocks overpriced American treats from Costco. They have so much stuff... including 'Hershey's Cookies n' Cream Cereal'. Wish we had Costco membership but we wouldn't use it enough to justify it.


Unless you're a Shakespearean actor in 12th night asking someone "What are you?" is a bad idea. We're still upset. 

So the bus was 4mins early and I didn't cross the road in time, hence I was 20mins late to class. Today we did stuff on communication, nothing new, though it was not something I use as I don't get in those situations because people simply do not confined in me. Ever. 

An interesting situation was proposed. Person you have been seeing says they liked you during dinner at a restaurant, but you don't like them like that. You are screwing them, vice versa. How do you react? For me no one would have the nerve to say that (other than le beau after more than a year) but if it did happen I'd thank them and run! What would you do? Someone said he could learn to feel that way, but for me when you first meet the person you either feel something or you don't and never will. It's either there or isn't, it doesn't develop to me. 

We are making a friend in class - this is amazing, as a. it's a she b. me and making friend is a rare thing. Austin's terrified of me, and does not want to dance. 

Sea Salt was out of chips... which to me is like McD running out of fries. So we went to Grill'd and tried their sweet potato chips, which are quite nice though not as good as the usual. Also it was a lot smaller than the usual. So it was a snack. 

Tonight's class was on 'Embroider a Cute Brooch' by 'Laneway Learning' at 'The Little Mule Cafe' we learnt nothing. Class was too big for one teacher. But it was very warm inside. Discovered when the pen is blue, only that type washes out. I had a list of things I wanted to learn, which didn't happen.

Had a snack at 'Rice Paper' service was crap. Though you don't go to asian places for service. Jack Fruit Smoothie, was icy (expected) though they failed to filter out the pulp so a good inch and a bit of the drink was inedible. Spring rolls $6 was pure prawn, they were nice, but are spring rolls always expensive for what they are? Service was like school - it's a hassle to service you, also they talk shit about you, or so the girl on the table beside me whispered to me.

Pictures from a random asian shop.

They kinda all sell the same thing really. I love those eggrolls!
Prawn Crackers not made in China are rare and $$ for what they are.
Those crackers taste like that popcorn at Shizuku!


A 'I'm too tired to function' day, crashed last  night before midnight. Had a panic attack in my sleep and woke up, nightmare? Still in my coat as I was giving Lucy a hug before dinner but fell asleep. 

On my own I'd like to live here.

We love glitter!


 This movie gets its own post.

I made something! Story of why I don't take pictures at home...

Saturday & Sunday

GreazeFest Melbourne 2014

Meanwhile mother went to a crafty tea and didn't take any pictures.

My picture, I do like that brooch. Going to add glitter though.

Hello Glitter

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