Friday Movie - The Help @ Friday, August 15, 2014

I love history, Tudors to Edwardian, the Southern Belle in the 1800, America in the 40s-60s (before the hippies though). Costuming, fancy dresses and hair that takes ages (done by your maid of course). It would have been amazing to live back then (lets pretend that there was women's rights and advanced health care). 

Today we saw 'The Help' which I quite liked, the setting of a small town in the South during the 60s. A story of young women in the South, most of them getting married and having babies, and then not having to raise them as the help does that. 

I'd hate to live in a small town, sounds absolutely terrifying to have to fit in or be the 'witch'. Though I am still curious how one gets to position of Queen Bee. 

Emma Stone stars as Skeeter (Rita Skeeter?) a journalist who wants a career rather than husband like all the other girls, she writes a book, a collection of stories from the help's POV. Loving those Southern accents! 

We love Celia, who's lovely and I love her Marilyn Monroe style, especially that red dress.

I have one of those hair machines with the shower cap!

Mean Girls. With Hilly as head bitch. The story would have been better if someone in her group (Elizabeth) stood up to her. She starts as Queen Bee and ends that way, though with slightly less power over the help. 

I like her style, the 50s did have lovely dresses!

I knew the maid who stole looked familiar! It's Hightower from 'The Mentalist'.
Btw who steals a ring and pawns it in the same town?!

One of my favourite characters are Minnie (Constance from Ugly Betty!) she has very big eyes, and I wanted to make her pie, up till that hilarious scene. XD 

 Crazy Constance

Hilly's Mother is a hilarious character who's friendly than her daughter with the help.

I do like the friendship between Celia & Minnie, of which Minnie first doesn't approve of. 

While the print of Hilly's dress is too much I like the cut & style. 

I like this hairstyle. 

Johnny Foote gets about three scenes (the start, the dinner, and end) he is stunning! I have seen him before in 'Under the Dome' as Barbie (cause of his looks?), though don't recognize him at all, it's the character I like. Oh and his red car, I like that too. 

What a lovely gown!

I love that it ends with Minnie leaving her abusive husband, and the relationship between her and the Footes, also how she helps Celia develop her relationship with Johnny.  

The Three Narrators.

 I saw this dress the other day and thought of Hilly. 

Celia's yellow play/jumpsuit reminded me of this lovely evening-ish dress & cape. 

Have you seen 'The Help'? Do you love the 50s?

Any recommendations for other movies set in the 50s/60s? We loved Hairspray!

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