GreazeFest - Melbourne 2014 @ Saturday, August 16, 2014

GreazeFest is a 1950's style Kustom culture (an American neologism used to describe the artworks, vehicles, hairstyles, and fashions of those who drove and built custom cars and motorcycles in the United States of America from the 1950s through today.), hot rods (typically old, classic American cars with large engines modified for linear speed), live music and dance event, this is the first year it's in Melbourne, originating from Brisbane.  

"There must have been at least a thousand people attending ranging from young families, Gen X and Y indulging in 1950's style counter culture, billies and rockers. There were hot rods and Kustoms classics on display, specialty bikes and Harleys too, merchandise galore, Pin up classes, 1950's fashion parades, live music with several rockabilly bands..."

My Victory Rolls failed so we went with the 2nd right one, which is a softer look with curls, and looks like something from the 40s and 'The Notebook'. Though I'd like to give it another go, and perhaps take workshops with 'The Lindy Charm School for Girls', perfect for a dinner at a diner and a show when 'Grease' comes to town again.  

I do like black & red, but also Tiffany Blue with Gold and Lavender, story of why we haven't picked our wedding colours yet, though we want to get a location first. Leaning towards the 2nd set as that goes better with an Elizabethan/Edwardian theme, though red and bolder colours is perfect for all things medieval.

Hoops vs petticoats, one's softer than the other. But I found the petticoats bunched up a lot unlike the hoops. So perhaps I'll get a smaller hoop to go under a petticoat. I do love how the red peeks out from under the dress, definitely going with that style if I decide to go with a modern wedding gown. 

There were lots of cars. Yes I would love a Tiffany Blue car! A Chevy would be nice, great space for the bodies, though how do you park it? That bottom right one I think is fugly, it's the shape. Lots of cars had exposed engine, hope they don't have kids! I had a lecturer who was into these cars, he'd refurbish them as a hobby. 

Flamingos were very popular, with throw cushions, dresses and other clothing & accessories sporting that theme. It says Malibu or Florida to me. Wish it was that warm here. 

Cherries were also in, not sure why? Glitter clutches! Doesn't fit anything though....

Hello Cupcake! Cherry Coke Buttercream on Chocolate. I had the 'Red Velvet' ($4) as we were trying new things. It was a dense chocolate cake with a stick of butter on top. Felt sick after I ate it. I like my cake with cream cheese and a light sponge.

Saturday we had hot chocolate ($4) as we're trying different powders. A lemon curd doughnut ($4) was nice though I prefer them served warm, and there wasn't enough lemon curd in proportion to the doughy part, also at $4 it was overpriced. Dinner was fries ($5) from Dos Diablos Mobile Cantina (Mexican street food) which someone said was better than McD, skeptical but I tried it and it was amazing! Just like McD's fries but with different seasoning. 

There was a stage and dance floor, lots of people dancing. How do they all know the same dance? Wished le beau was with me, not feeling up to dancing on my own though I have this song in my head. He offered to go to a diner for lunch next week, though I can't think of any good places. Misty's looks interesting though $$$ at a slice of pie + ice cream for $14. Back home you can get a whole pie for $14. American food can be expensive here, or perhaps just themed places. Might try Bowery to Williamsburg, if they have a key lime pie.  

That's Creative, Dyed Dollies made into a Skirt & Wooden Brooches. 

Oh wow that white top is pretty! Lots of beads.

Sunday's unedited lighting and weather, which one girl described as "more hormonal than a pregnant woman" it rained on and off, fortunately not freezing when you're by the heater though. 

Two people (who ate everything at the show being from Qld) recommenced these pies from 'Gourmet Pie Truck'. $5 online but $6 at the place? I've seen them once before at an event, but that time we already had lunch. 

I had the 'Tandoori Chicken' (Chicken pieces simmered with home made tandoori paste, fresh baby spinach, lemon and a slash of cream). with mashed potatoes, peas and gravy ($8) which was very good! The mash and gravy included, made from real potatoes and stock. Though the mash isn't as good as Julie Goodwin's - best mashed potatoes I've ever had. Though I'm no expert as we live on a no/low-fat diet where everything tastes like cardboard, I stash butter and full cream milk under my bed like it was porn magazines.

Oh and service was great, the guy was very friendly.

Blogger Lily said... on August 17, 2014 5:20 PM  

I am obsessed about 40s clothing, makeup and hairstyle.. but I can never find an occasion to wear a pin up dress or red lips. After a week at work, all I want to do on the weekend is to walk out of the house in my comfy sloppy joes and flats!

Blogger Charlie Delta said... on August 18, 2014 5:49 PM  

We once had a performing arts teacher who always wore red lipstick, with big hair and flowers. So everyday could be the occasion - depending on where you work. Or perhaps casual Fridays? :)

Oh and there's also costume/dress-up groups on meetup, so you could join one of those.

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