DIY Bride - Big Boutonnières @ Monday, August 18, 2014

As one who loves going DIY we shall be making our own buttonholes, undecided on whether it be a traditional one (rose, baby's breathe, something green) or something not floral made of felt/paper that you can keep forever. Le beau says he think I'd pick the later.

So when a opportunity to attend a boutonniere workshop popped-up literally in my inbox, and I saw it 7mins after it arrived (lucky) I totally got the booking for the last spot!

On the night I made five of them, which is pretty impressive as I didn't get a chance to sketch them first, and I hate all things rustic, which was the style of our teacher for the night. Unfortunately they're all too big and heavy to actually wear. Also there were no brooch backs and glue guns provided. Do you really think a pin is going to keep it on and up?

Nevertheless it was one rushed though fun evening. At home I do have wire and floral tape, though not the kind that stretches and sticks to itself though, it's more like duct-tape or the type electricians use. We have got to get some of that stuff.

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