Four Days of Adventures @ Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Monday 11th August

Since LOTF has closed down on its Liz St, Rocket Burger & Fries have arrived. Just opened on last Saturday, there's two chicken burgers, no happy meals but there's a nice range of vegetarian burgers that are more than just salad. Also no fake meat! That stuff is weird. We had the chips (one sz only) $4 with garlic and chives sour cream $1. Very crunchy and fluffy, I'd describe it as like Schnitz but less oily, but still oily unlike SeaSalt. Very nice, we'd get it again. There aren't any burgers that interest me, but I might give it a go. 

DIY Flower Boutonnière. A fun hands-on workshop. Instead of going with the tradition style (the one I like, that we've picked) Tilda Flowers went with a more modern rustic look. Yes we are up for trying new things! Unfortunately all the ones I made are actually too big to be worn as boutonnieres. on the rustic look I hate it, looks old and diseased, I can't stand things that look dirty/old. We're going with a medieval/Tudor-Edwardian theme at the moment for our wedding. 


A sick day, as my finger was pulsating with pain. An infection acquired (?) last night as we were very hands on. 

Potato & Leek Soup for dinner, it was very good, nice and creamy though for deco I'd like to add cubes of pumpkin. I like soup as it reminds me of dinning out, the only time I ever have soup. Would I get it again? Yes if it's one sale (2 for $10) but not for $7-ish each (600ml).

Sunday we had the lamb, it was very textured, and it was ok. But I didn't like it.  


First round of work due. Had a 'Mint Hot Chocolate' at Krispy Kreme and a croissant for a pre-dinner snack. :P Picture on instagram.


Infection is back and it hurts. Take-away ramen for dinner, it was ok. Went to a play reading which was interesting. Ok I got confused because they were intertwined but the characters were not. If they could put on a wig/hat/prop when changing characters (each actor played multiple characters) that would be great.

Jas really didn't like the ramen, but I have low expectations and this tastes like everyday food - this is why I don't cook. The noodles were Maggi 2-minute styled ones but fresher. Because it had been hours between purchase and consumption jas believes it tastes nothing like the way it was intended to taste.

As I was still craving fried chicken we stopped at KFC on the way home. We got bad service, well bad in the word of fast-moving goods fast-food service, I asked for a fork and serviette. It did not happen, the level of service delivered by Duy was unsatisfactory. And I would have gone back and made a compliant except the train was leaving soon. Also the chicken pieces are much smaller than I recall - though that is not his fault. At $3 a piece or $6 for 3 it is a snack, I suppose that's why their main thing is meals?  

What do we think of chrome chandeliers?

We walked past a photo shoot, with a red dress. I'd love to do that but at the same I don't... Never got around to seeing 'Wicked' maybe next time it comes to town. After the reading we went for a walk, love the city at night. That does look like a door up there. Lace dresses we love (no not that colour or style) interesting bg there, looks like a fruit bowl/plate.

At this point this is where we may end up getting married. Blowing 20k in a day sounds like a really bad idea, but at the same time I know I will regret not having an extravagant (though small) wedding. Still discussing numbers, 50 or 100, but whatever we (he) picks I'm still only going to invite 10 people.


At a random fruit shop I found these for $2.

Another random - check out that well. It is a well right?
Le beau thinks it's something they planted something in.

Lots of time spent traveling today, a filling at the dentist, found that recipe for mash potatoes. Checked out the beauty book at DJ. New thing they're doing is compulsory bookings and consultations to get samples. This decreases people whizzing by like me, and increases chance of purchase.

Love living statues!


Isn't this cute?


Spring Fashion Week is Coming Up.  

Lily & I went to the opening at 'Superglue'I thought it was a art & craft shop... Nope another clothing shop - yes I do want to go the fairgrounds! - well actually she turned up when I was leaving, as she did say she wasn't sure what time she'd get there.

This place does the best potato cakes. :) 

Event of the night was a performance by 'The Whiffenpoofs of Yale', is that another word for ...? Hope not. They're a Capella singing group at Yale University, and the oldest collegiate a cappella group in the United States. 

They were amazing! One of the last set pieces they did was 'When the Saints Come Marching In' which makes me want to dance the quickstep :P. Pretty amazing that most aren't studying music, and come from different states, as they do for college back home. One guy looked like such a genric model (back row, 2nd from left) - that is a compliment, and another had amazing white teeth (middle row 2nd from the left). It was so white I think he does Colgate or McClean's toothpaste ads! Anyway they were amazing, no instruments, just their voices, and they were sensational! 

On the way home we stopped by ChaTime for their BOGOF offer, love that coconut milk tea with lychee jelly!


We checked out Abbortsford Convent, a potential wedding venue (pre-visit thought).

Had soup for lunch and wow that was an unproductive day. For most of which I was too tired to function, as I took a walk around the block and got lost, very lost...

To get soup for lunch we drove 20mins (one way) to get to a Safeway that stocked the soup we were after - while I always call to hold stock on things for my wardrobe, I have never done this for food before. We should have called around to locate it and put the it on hold before driving around.

I see fake (model) wedding photo shoots everyday (for inspiration), but never people I know, so it is the weirdest thing ever to see pictures of someone I (know) ok I don't actually know him, just a guy who was in my class, we spoke a couple times and he's the only person who called me Charlie back then (the school was crazy strict and enforced birth names). Feeling so invasive checking out his wedding pictures! 


Lunch with le beau, and we made jelly, though I took too long which is why there's three different sets of lighting in the pictures... No flash was used but we did use a torch. No picture yet.

I love brooches, going to make a few of my own soon.

Most powders taste the same/similar, is there a point to find the best hot choc powder?

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