Last Thursday Lily & I went to the launch of 'Superglue' a new megastore from the guys and gals behind Topshop, Topman and Glue. They sell international, national and local brands. Super Glue specialises in street, denim, skate, lifestyle clothing and accessories. A lot of denim.

It's nice for an opening to be at night, because for the Emporium they're always morning events, which my theory is that so they reduce the number of people coming and eliminate/promote certain target markets. Morning events that start at 10am means no one who works in an office will be able to go - unless they work part-time, so the event is aimed possible at college students and say at home mothers (but who wants to take a pram to an event? people will judge you). Lily says I'm reading too much into this, and yet agrees a 1pm Monday afternoon opera launch is for grandparents... 

There is a lot of denim, and downstairs there's an in-store tailor! Perfect if something fits but is too long. Not sure if they do anything or than denim at this point. But if it came cheap as an add-on option to their clothing that would be great.

As a part of their launch night they had 20% off everything, a good incentive. After all when he asks you could always justify your purchase by saying "it's on sale". I recall at the event there was free (?) beer for the guys in their department downstairs (literally).

We lined up for 135mins or 2hrs 15mins for get our nails done, that was when we gave up - somehow it seemed like a good idea at the time, this is why we need le beau. The nail girls were slow as and took 15mins per person, we got there at 5pm and had to leave to go to another event at 7.15pm. Next time we shall arrive long before the event starts or not go at all.

Meanwhile there was another line happening downstairs, free ice cream from N2! And the line moved much faster than the nail bar, as we were only there for about 15mins, as the ice cream was released in batches as they were made.
There was free drinks and very good finger food from Miss Chu, amazing how the waiters carried around heavy chopping boards as trays and a bowl of fish sauce! Fish sauce and clothing is a bad idea...

We have yet to eat at Miss Chu, because a. it's vietnamese which should be cheap b. mother can make it better - but she does not use the more modern/fusion style ingredients c. the location, it's near Parliament and unless I got a meeting at HQ I'm closer to Flinders. d. reviews say it's average. "Another over glorified Asian food joint. Authentic Vietnamese: no. Amazing: no. Pricey: yes." One day we might take a risk, but not at the moment with bad food fortnight going on.  

Instead of the usual cupcakes there was N2 ice cream, even better! You can't get ice cream wrong, there was vegan chocolate and salted caramel, le beau would have loved the later. Unfortunately about half way through the event they ran out... But I did get one, which is about half the size of their regular $9/12 one.

While most of Superglue's products are mainstream, there was some nice high-end labels, and they have an online shop, which is where I'll be shopping. On the night there was a custom vans pop-up which was pretty cool, can you bring your own designs? I did see the Gryffindor Lion.

Staple The Label - Pop Lace Bralette (?) $60-ish

How cool are these candles? The whole thing is a candle. 

Did you go to the opening night? Or any other launches at the Emporium?

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