Exploring - Lost Around the Block @ Friday, August 22, 2014

We (I) went for a walk around the block and got lost, with a map. We veered off course so far that I wasn't on the map! Ok it was a screenshot, but still it was mean't to be less than a mile around the block. Along the way we took lots of pictures.  

This flower reminds me of an orchid but smaller clustered, this one I'd like to use in a creation. Perhaps with fern and baby's breathe, can you grow baby's breathe? I've never seen it in nature. Gypsophila paniculata

 Lots of plants.

Calla Lillies

text This fence looks like something from that story with a genie (?) boy who had adventures and there was a witch called the 'Baba Yaga' a witch who lives in a house with scaly yellow chicken legs and a crooked chimney. Same witch as in the story of Vasilisa.

There is just something surreal about that first picture, I can see a picture with bricks, an iconic one but don't remember the rest of the details. Never notice how textures the wheels are. We came upon this house with a circle arch, which looked interesting. I'd like that fence covered in ivy, for a secret garden look.

There is something very 'display home' look about that house to me, with no tall plants and the perfect blue sky, it was a cold but lovely day as we went for a walk in the gardens. Feature doors aren't very common, and I love how the red door just pops, so the pizza guy will always be able to find you.

Top left is the house from the picture above, it looks so neat and perfect. The one under it I call it the 'Madeline House' though it much smaller they look a similar style. To the right we have a house that has windows that pop-out with a East Melbourne feel. A box home and a house that looks like it's missing something in the top middle area.

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