Wedding Venues - Abbotsford Convent @ Saturday, August 23, 2014

That's an amazing set up (and picture)! If only we saw that on the open day, or at least pictures of what you could do with the space, otherwise it's just a courtyard really. But it has potential.

Unfortunately the party ends at midnight for Cinderella, and there goes the potential venue for our ceremony (after the reception) on Halloween just before midnight. They don't allow events after midnight here - we checked. 

Wedding Season's coming up with warmer weather, and with that we have venues to check out. :) This week it's 'The Abbotsford Convent', we were there but completely forgot to do the tour of the place...    

Last Saturday we went to the open day 'Bursaria Winter Showcase' with Bursaria being the caterer for the venue (they used to run the cafe at Como House too). Funny story, we completely forgot to do the tour of the place, as it was in the ad and email but there were no signs or people reminding us at the place. 

This building is the 'Rosina Function Space and Courtyard' and can hold  up to 300 guests for a seated meal or 500 guests for a cocktail reception (it's the indoor picture below). I don't know what the min. is btw. Isn't getting married at the convent/nunnary ironic? :P

On arrival we were offered drinks, this lemonade was very refreshing, and I made it the week after (post coming up soon) unfortunately once again I made enough for a family of 12... that tends to happen a lot. I'm still amazed that paper straws don't taste funny. Would have liked to add a small strawberry on the rid of the glass, or dip it in water and then rainbow sprinkles or something. 

The Courtyard - See the first picture for a night shot. 

Those remind me of blackberries. 

The Space - You'll need to dress it up a lot, unless this is your style.

Cakes  - What do you think of the nakid style? Other than it'll be dry faster?

Flowers oh how I love them! I like this lighter softer look, but at the same it's not me.

This is more like it.

There was canapes going around before we arrived and desserts during. A question we always ask is if we can serve cake as dessert, as in instead of dessert, perhaps with a dollop of Chantilly cream or ice cream. Otherwise it's just too much going on. The creme brulee was lovely, and I liked the doughnut balls, though the filling was under instead of in it?

What do you prefer to focus on?

Upstairs there's the bathroom, which is the nicest one we've seen, it's fuchsia with a huge ornate mirror but there's one thing that doesn't match. Two taps for one sink, one hot and one cold. Shouldn't they have combined the two in the renovation?  

Giftbag from La Belle Mariée which you can get when you check out certain wedding venues, here's a list for the east coast. That sounds so odd, as we lived on the West Coast. The delicious cookies weren't a pat of it btw, they were from the wedding celebrant at the venue, who interesting was the celebrant of one of le beau's friends (we saw his picture in a book on display). 

Two things that are always popular with brides are: weight loss and teeth whiting. Neither of which I'm an advocate for - well the weight-loss in terms of eating a soy LCM bar anyway, but I do want to loose around 8-10kgs. Also need to get that masters before we get married.

Entry to the Abbotsford Convent is free and dogs are very welcome, it's a nice place to have a picnic, though there is no water feature. We saw a cat and got very close (as you can see above :P). 

Prices start from 850 to take pictures on the grounds.

Random note, the convent is near Lentil as Anything. But we did not have lunch there.

Have you been to the convent?

In other thing wedding related story of why unfortunately I will not be the photographer at our wedding (other than because le beau prefers I be part of it, rather than an observer). 4 Things that nobody tells you about getting engaged. And why I prefer to le beau as my beau and not my fiance.

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