Evacuation from the Mall - Shopping: Day 2 @ Saturday, September 06, 2014


4.5hrs earlier... 

So we had about 3hrs of sleep last night, but that ain't going to stop me from going shopping at 9.30am. Though it did stop le beau, who decided to sleep in, though he asked Lily to go with me instead. Along the way we meet up with Emma. 

Arriving around 9.20am we were 6th in line (out of 200+). I am crazy competitive (the dr calls me Lady MacBeth) and so it was a fun race. By the power of three we hogged the directory and were the first to solve the clues to reveal the locations. Great work with the riddles, unfortunately I haven't got any ideas for the one I'm writing up soon for work. We're quite restricted to one area too. 

 A hint/location was posted a couple weeks before. 

This year there were only 6 stops and I knew where all but one was, so no map required. 35mins and we were done, missed one as OPSM knew nothing about it - there's always one like that. As LOTF didn't open till 11am and it was over at 11.30am we went there last. That was the best thing on the list. It says the event is "$40 worth of free gifts" but there's no way that's true, $10-ish I'd say (for the chips + strange siccors). Unless you use the marketing POV where that 2for1 ticket saves you say $15 and hence that counts as $15 value.  

During the treasure hunt we (just us three) stopped by L'Occitane to pick-up a freebie (not related to the treasure hunt) and soon everyone else followed. O.o There was a lot of clueless people following others. Dislike. 

Pretty flowers!

Nail scissors (what do they do? O.o), chips, Americano (bitter) and soap.

 Indian - Parisian - Belgium

I think that would be the smallest size? Fake meat is strange...

Next stop 'MSFW: The Hub' at city square. Yes I did plan all this.

 If I see lab glassware on sale I'm totally going to buy some!

Flat lay is very in at the moment, and Blue Sky is holding a competition. I read that tea (with the no.8 on it) makes you thin, I don't think so. Anyway my styling is inspired by the morning after. Did try to hang the shoe but it was too heavy. There's a red bracelet in the colour version which is meant to represent something else.

Goodie Bags. No that isn't Lily or Emma in the background. 

Freebies from Mecca, Muji and Blue Sky. Nail filer from Mecca, pen from Muji (that's their first 100 daily gift, I was 1/100) there was a notebook I forgot about, that matched the pen. And the rest of Blue Sky, great goodie bag. I love coconut water! Le beau liked the socks as it's not often that there's something for guys in goodie bags.

That's fantastic lighting, it was very bright like glasshouse. For the blog/usually I like my rectangular pictures, though this one mightn't work as a square for instagram. Forgot to have a playing card in the picture this time.

The coconut water looks more pricey than the normal cardboard box ones, because it's a glass bottle. Love glass bottles, they're great for storing things and being used as a vase, or in this case to have origami suspended in it. 

The runway is much smaller this year, whoops I missed it.

After reading so much about Bee we finally came across her! Unfortunately she was busy.

On-wards to the Emporium, at Purebaby there was delicious baby cakes (mini cupcakes) from Cupcake Central, and 5:AM yoghurt. I love cupcakes!

Yoghurt I like, just not Chobani.

 We were there for garland making. The scent of jasmine was delightful!

All we're missing is toadstools and fairy wings. 

Our last stop was downstairs to the 'Luxury Lounge' that only had a couple bar tables and a few seats. Take-away only pretty much. There we had a choice of three treats. The ice pop (icy pole) and salted caramel macaroon were the most popular. The sad meringue paled in comparison to the other two. One day we shall try quite a few of Zumberoons but at $2.50 each that is one expensive cookie. 

We were going to go to Myer next but that was closed so we went to DJ instead but we were soon evacuated due to a bomb threatLily did plan for us to get take-away lunch and sit by the river or in the gardens but said it was best to go home just in case. I didn't think it was a bomb because the day is not significant enough (Melbourne Day, not Australia Day) and you'd get more on a Friday afternoon at Flinders, and you'd destroy a much more significant building. 

Got home at 3pm and went for a "nap" till 10.30pm and missed going with le beau & co to see 'Rear Window'. And in the process I'm nocturnal again.

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