MSFW Opening Night Shopping 2014 - Part 1 @ Thursday, September 04, 2014

This year's Melbourne Central Shopping Festival (totally not a festival, as a festival is a series of events, and one day one location doesn't count) which I'm pretty sure is held a bit later on during the year, a bi-annual event, was held as a part of the weekend long event (ok it was Friday & Saturday), the opening night for this year's 'Melbourne Spring Fashion Week' (MSFW). There's two fashion festivals a year by the way, the other one is in March.

In terms of shopping the three shopping centers had events on, unfortunately we didn't make it to QV, I've always wanted to go to a party aka opening night there for their thingy that event space dome they put up every few months. But not more than I wanted to go shopping that night. 

Sales pitch for a watch. Great work!

We met a make-up artist, discussions about moisturizers and BB creams, mine was making me malt (yes that says malt, not matte). Make-up makes me look a lot worse as it makes my skin all dry, grainy and textured. Recommendations: Smashbox Primer and NAR's Blush in Orgasome (I can't spell that, never needed to).

There is a beautiful gold sequin dress that's going to be released soon! Unfortunately it would be $400-$500. But I've always wanted a gold sequin dress... 

At Mimco they had the claw game! Which I think is totally rigged, as I have never won anything... till now. I didn't see anyone win but hear someone won a bracelet and another person won $500. It was the machine but inside it was those beanbag fillers, the little foam balls so you couldn't see. You needed to pick up a bauble (think xmas tree) which was round and hard to grip. 

By random chance I got one! And it was what le beau wanted (ok that's not true, he really wanted to win a ring for me) - we missed the $500, but he was pretty happy with chocolate. Here's a guide to the claw machine.

By chance we came across this dress that was made of gold sequins? This to me is fugly, it looks old, and I suppose is like those ripped jeans, the worse they look the more $$ they are? It looks like a fish someone was descaling. If only it was beautiful like the Alannah Hill one.

Instead of doing a decorating workshop 'Cupcake Central' sold them ($4.50 normally on its own) with ice cream and topping. Sadly with only red velvet and chocolate bases so we didn't get them. I'm more into non-traditional flavours.

Lots of stores had cupcakes (ok, one store), drinks and candy. 

Le beau looks so handsome in a suit, I love that he loves them!

We met Cindy who worked with me on a flat lay picture (things on the ground, on a bg picture from above) and got some tips for my fruit shoot. Five tips for taking the perfect flat lay Instagram photo. I didn't take these pictures (I think) because I was not tall enough to get the right angle.

That's a nice clutch, except that I don't use clutches and it's $300+

Kate Spade had an event with goodie bags and ice cream, I was not invited. I hate it when money can't buy things. Shopping irl unfortunately goes on the list of things that do not make me happy, mainly with exclusive events. How do you get invited to those events? 

Are you as comfortable parading around in your underwear as you are in a bikini?

There was a VIP area. Lily was invited. Le beau was not, but he got in anyway (just to tell her something) but I was rejected. Shopping sometimes (most of the time actually irl) does not make me happy. This was one of those times. Of course he did not stay without me.

Throughout the night he was putting drinks in my bag, I found three by the end of the night...

Bought my first tea! The guy selling it to me was like "Do you want fries with that?" but with tins. Do you really need a special tin to store your tea in? I'm using those awesome French jam jars.

We came across another claw machine! I do like the claw machine when it's free! I won a block or two. According to the attendent (sorry but your hat reminds me lobby boys and that monkey from Oz) there's a prize within. Like vouchers, but I couldn't fidnd it in either block...

Froyo BOGOF, he had the cookies & cream and I had mango with pearls and a lychee. I love those pearls! Sometimes I like not being forever alone and having someone to share stuff with, someone to hold my bag and well be with me. :) 

The night ended with a performance, and gold foil confetti!

Freebies! I love sugar cookies. And yes that is a smushed cupcake.

Part 2 Coming Soon.

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