Wedding Shopping on eBay @ Tuesday, September 02, 2014

eBay is a great place to get things for weddings. But order very far in advance, shipping takes a month, and they could mess up the order. In the past I have bought decorations, tiaras, gloves, masks. A tip is go for over .au because there's a great range and better prices (most of the time). Also wedding season (warm weather) is a great time to buy once used decorations and bridemaid's dresses (I like to recreate them into skirts and costumes). 

Floral Tape, an essential if you're going DIY with your bouquet. We're very excited about creating a range of buttonholes with fake flowers and xmas decorations covered in glitter. Yes I am excited about sales after xmas! This tape streches and sticks to itself. Here's some more info. You can get ½" wide 25 Yards (22-ish metres) for $5.35, delivery is about a week because it's from Melbourne.

In the unlikely event that you decide to have these lovely cupcake wrappers and a cupcake tower, unlikely because these wrappers are $5-7 a pack, you can get them from ebay! These are used at high end kid's birthday parties, and I use them for cupcake photo shoots. On ebay it's only $2 for 12, 17c each. 

Two of my favouites is the gold filigree ones. 

ebay is also a great place to buy wedding deco stuff like those glass baubles/floating balls I love. Not sure if you'll get it in one piece though, but I would love to reuse these around the house.

Also loving all these fancy cake spoons, perfect for a high tea photoshoot or if you look I'm sure you'll find cake forks for your wedding! Are they cake spoons? Cause I use a fork.

These are $1.80 delivered. What a bargain!

Wedding Favours - From the tea loving couple how about these heart shaped tea infusers? $2 each. I think as long as you don't go over $3 pp it would be ok. We're still going with apples though, as it's significant to us, as it's how we met.

From the home chefs, there's heart shaped measuring spoons for $3.75 at that price point I hope you have a small guest list. 

For the groomsmen a custom flask with his name on it $25.50. Sold! Le beau loves these and they are a great price. It even comes with a funnel and something else I don't recognize.

Have you/are you buying anything from ebay for your wedding/event? 

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