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Monday 29th September

The dr doesn't know what's wrong with me, why I'm so tired all the time. All he knows is it's not physical... The dentist also doesn't know what's wrong. 


Life makes me stressed. So does going out to Sunshine to meet someone who didn't turn up! Was very upset that le beau had to come pick me up. 

We had Indian for dinner, I love butter chicken though I feel it was 
more hot than flavors this time. But the mango lassi was perfect. 


What productivity looks like: 34 emails sent for sponsorship. what it doesn't look like - the 6hrs spent researching and actually sending emails. :P I think I got this under the wrong date, actually I'm certain I have.

One the of events we're holding is breakfast, continental breakfast. What does that mean? Turns out there's three types of breakfast.

Flying Bach

Tonight we had a meeting for Sunday's event, and went to see Flying Bach where Classical meets break-dance. It was very good and so was the view (from row Y/Z) as a little boy decided to sit on his mother's lap so there was no one in front of me. Though unfortunately a fish monger sat next to Jas. There goes my appetite for fish for dinner. Instead we went for pancakes. 

I love the iced tea at the Pancake Parlour! 
There's a high chance that it uses sugar syrup though...

This week's mail or maybe it was last week's... 


Wedding open day. Most outgoing celebrant we've met, he looks familiar... 
It's Mike the weather guy from Channel 10! I was right! 

Productivity means having 11 posts up ready to be posted. :)

How do we feel about sugar-free hot chocolate? We add a marshmallow :P ok maybe go easy on them and use the mini ones instead, the big Eskimo ones are way too sweet! 


A day starting at 4am, and we were still an hour late for work... but we got there and did make friends. :) It was more relaxed than I thought. And portaloos while they are scary and you should BYO toilet paper and air fresher are not that scary - but do try to limit your fluids. 

It started out cold but got sunny. There was a guy on the guitar, he was good. The event of the day was the '7 Parks Walk' which started in Sydney but with bridges. 27km, over 5hrs (fastest walking rate prediction) of flat land.

How cool would it be if each participant collected a freebie (from a sponsor) at each checkpoint? As well as getting a stamp in their passport. At our station we had coconut water. I love coconut water! 

At the end of the day they gave us a lot of chocolate coconut water, which was the nice. Pretty certain that they contained chocolate skim milk though. We iced them (the adults called it a science experiment XD) and they were bearable but otherwise I don't like it. I don't like skim milk (sadly the only type we buy, till I get Hector to convince mother that full cream is not bad for you).

Lunch was catered by BlueBag, who is also a cafe. Along with a sandwich (beef/ham, someone forgot to order vegetarian) there was a slice! We had apples too, for morning tea, so they did have fruit. Sporting events always have two things: water and apples.

There was Choc Hedgehog which was very chocolaty and rich. Lemon slices and caramel slices - best one I've had since back home when they sold them in the school cafeteria. At some point I will stop by their cafe. 

On the left is one from 1900. Some graves were sad, no one left to maintain it, broken headstones, opened lids (don't worry the body is actually 6 feet under) and sunken tops. 

After work we went for a walk back to the city (4km) and on the way passed the graveyard. I love history so we had fun going around it (there is no way we are taking a shortcut through it even during daylight!). I like their style, with the earliest ones being there since 1900. First person buried at the original site was the Frederick William Craig, the infant son of Skene Craig (who lived to be 77). I wonder if he was moved. 

There was different areas too, all the nuns were together, with each nunnery having a row reserved, four stacked in one hole. A Chinese area had what I think (seen only in movies) tradition toppings, just a headstone on the ground. There was a Jewish area, with piles of pebbles left by visitors (they use pebbles instead of flowers).

I'd like to come back and explore more. We didn't like the new graves, as it was like bringing modern into the past. If you really want to be buried here they have opening around the edge, just a meter from the fence. Dislike. 

I'm not sure what I want (other than to come back from the dead :P) I do like the new shiny graves but there's something special about the 1900 ones, with the words engraved into a headstone with no fancy gold writing and a cross on top. They also say R.I.P! Perhaps we might go with being mummified, not too sure about being burnt in a row boat in a lake via flaming arrow. Have you ever thought about it?

I'd like to be buried here, but if so I want an old fashioned grave. 

I knew that it was the new site when they moved well some of the bodies here from Vic Markets but they left 9000 behind "there still remain approximately 9,000 people buried under the sheds and car park of the Queen Victoria Market. I do not want to be buried under a car park! Even if it make finding and the coroner checking out my body much harder.  

The one under the market opened in 1837 was sold out in 1917 and was moved from 1920-22.

Afterwards we continued and went shopping, Ishka in Carlton has 50% off! I love this shop but it is expensive. But this branch is closing in feb next year, perfect time to stock up on gifts. They sell things from India, with all this vibrant colour indulging the senses.

Dream Catcher $9

I love this trinket box, a lovely ring box.

I also love these little wire holder things, to be worn as a pendent $1 each. Also bought a sandstone $1. The marble is mine though, it's le beau's and my favourite that doesn't look like the black pearl, and from the when he showed me how to play marbles, like he did at school when he was little.

Still walking, all the way to Flinders.

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