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Monday 7th October

Bought a big block of Toblerone which I'm excited about. How do you eat it? Huge square pyramids, do you gnaw at them like Lucy (bunny) would? 

Today we got lost. Went to the wrong hospital and couldn't get through to other correct one via phone. 

We don't often have dessert but today we had a delicious vanilla custard apple tart! I've never had tart before, just plenty of pies served with whipped cream. Tarts to me is French, as they are a very popular french dessert, made with fresh fruit. Pie is our national dessert, pumpkin I think, though I love apple pie. Chocolate not so much, or salted caramel, as it's really well just a caramel slice.  Pie vs Tart


Tonight I was helped out at an event Emma's a part of.  About 33% of the people who rsvped didn't turn up, this is why we don't do fb mass invites, and use them as guest lists. There was lots of juice from Nudie (too busy to take a picture at the time sadly). 


Too tired to function we missed 1/2 classes today. Presentation moved to next week. Two of those and a report due next week and then it's straight onto exams. The stress is getting worse. One of the presentations is on customer loyalty, though we're a bit one-sided sadly. "When you have spent $2000 at Coles, you will get $10 as a discount. That’s a whopping 0.5% off." XD


Today failed. I was looking forwards to seeing what everyone had done for their portfolios in photography. 

We went to return stuff and check out headpieces at Myer. I love headpieces! Everything was set out in colours, but there was no glitter section? Le beau agreed to go shopping with me on the weekend - as long as we don't stop by the headpiece section. :P Girls love shoes and collect them, while my headpiece collection is what I really love.

Sequins I Love! But this isn't the one. 

Today's event was dinner with jas at Spitiko, a Greek restaurant that starts with a funny z sign that in maths means "the sum of". It was yummy. XD Full review coming up later this week.


The second half of today was productive. Shopping with le beau. :) First stop Kikki K, the one on Little Collins has moved to the Emporium. We bought some pens (I had credit to use), though I'd like to get the white pen, but are we really going to use it that much? Not till we get some black tags (for cookies).

Since we were at the Emporium we stopped by a place that's name escapes me, but I thought they sold watches, and we got a free canvas bag well for exchange of a picture of le beau. :P Perfect as the place we were heading to doesn't do bags.

We bought mainly books. :P 

Our next stop was Savers, which I heard is a giant op shop. The only reason I would go to an op shop is for Vintage Polly Pocket, which they didn't have as it is rare, very rare. Though today we only went here to check out fabric and ended up in the new Halloween section. Lots of faerie wings, mediocre cheap and fast costumes, great range for your little girl. Prices are average - except for wings and wigs. Large range of wigs, foil (not sure what that means, as I drafted this ages ago) and costume. One of the best finds was lace bunny ears, which I already had.  

I bought a blonde wig :P it looks crazy fake, though all wigs look fake on me. It's huge and le beau wanted to watch my most watched movie 'White Chicks' for the occasion. XD It's very big and in my face. And the hairline is right in the middle, so always needs to be covered up.  

Afterwards we stopped by Chatime, Daiso to check out their Halloween range and Movenpick for milkshakes. At Daiso they have mainly mini witches hats, an assortment of ears and bigger witches' hat. One that might match my outfit!

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