7 Tips for Boxing Day Sales @ Friday, December 26, 2014

Go Early – For parking, and because everything’s limited stock. David Jones & Myer opens at 5am and the other shopping centers open 7-8am. Lush seems to open whenever, one year it was 10am and so we stood waiting for 2hrs… true story. 

Plan & Prioritize – I make a list of what to get and from where. Also I put numbers next to them, buying say a tv is higher up in importance then bath bombs from Lush. What’s more important to you? Also plan the faster route from store to store, get the map before the day. Most of them can be found online, except for Melbourne Central. 

Know Your Size & Return Policy – Know your size in each brand before the day, so you grab and go to the check-out. NO TRYING ON ANYTHING! That’s going to take too long. But do check the return policies, most stores are cool with change of mind and things on sale – with an exception of a few, mainly more $$$ stores like Alannah Hill. Also thanks to me contesting policies Honey Birdette doesn’t offer return/refunds just because you bought a bra the wrong size. 

Impulse Maybe – Refer to the return policy on sale items. Also set a budget. 

Shop Online or Not… - Just because you paid for it ain’t mean it’s yours. Many times during sales they sell more than there’s stock and so they’ll give you a refund. Best to buy online before the day and instores too and return one, that’ll cost you $10-ish shipping, but better then not getting the item. Here's a list of the sales

Dress Comfortably & Bring Food – It’s a marathon! No heels or nothing you can’t run/stand in for a long time. Also bring snacks on the go, and water.  

No Browsing Till You Finish the List - Eyes on the prize! Also don’t bring Emily or anyone who has no idea what they want and strolls at a leisurely rate from store to store, after spending 2hrs+ finding parking. Bring a man to carry everything if you have one. ;)

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