Catching-Up Random Pictures @ Friday, December 26, 2014




A GWP is always a good motivator for buying sunscreen. :P

I absolutely love this wall! A hedge wall and gate.

Vines are pretty cool too.

Taken on the way to the theatre.

Abel on Swanston x Little Collins makes these awesome wire name necklaces.
And they're only $10, $25+ on etsy + shipping.

I've always wanted to make gingerbread. Aren't these jars cute?

How cool is this phone cover? Practical? Not so much.

Hope you've ordered all your xmas gifts! I finished early dec. :P

This is hilarious :P

I'm requesting a reindeer next time!

I'd love to go to these events! But it's about $1000 a week for all the expenses.
Program + flights + accommodation.

Sad but true, we have a review coming up in Feb.

This picture is the perfect collaboration between mother and me.
Yes you can wear that sleeveless top - if you wear it over a shirt. :P

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