Waffle On - Degraves @ Saturday, February 28, 2015

Today we stopped by 'Waffle On' on the way to dinner for waffles, which I've never had before, well at least not homemade or store bought ones. Back home you can buy almost anything packaged/pre-made including pie crust and the wonderful Pillsberry. 

Within the last year or two there's a new waffle shop on Swanston opposite City Square, and that was a prompt to try 'Waffle On'. But with so many options it was hard to choose, I don't think it's like ice cream where the vanilla determines of anything else in the store is worth trying. 

With that in mind we bought a waffle just with cream, think of it as a pancake with all those different toppings. The waffle was crispy and thick but not doughy or soggy, it was also on the savory side. Though served dusted with icing sugar (which jas says is the herpes of the kitchen) and a bit of canned cream (I forgot to ask if it was fresh or canned there...). 

Located by the subway in Degraves, Waffle On looks a bit shifty.

Though you'll soon find out (when they're open) that it's more of one of those laneway secrets.

Grandpa (who's half French) says they have the best baguettes here.

On this occasion we had the chicken, which was simple but good. The baguette was also very long, more than a foot. Sorry no side picture as I really struggle to hold the camera in one hand. It was big/long enough to be both lunch and dinner. Chicken was great, though I'm biased as I do love chicken.

Waffle On is known for their baguettes and waffles, of which we had twice. 

You can get them plain or dressed up, which can be $$ for a snack. 

Waffles! Ready to be Toasted. 

As it's $$ for the dressed-up ones and the apartment is a block away we got take-away.
Conveniently earlier that same day we got some fresh strawberries from the country.
Also we should note that I didn't use all that icing sugar pictured.

I got to soft peak stage, I prefer stronger peaks like whipped cream from a can, but last time I went too far and the cream separated. Working fast we toasted the waffle, spooned the cream over it and got pictures before it got soggy.

So how was it? It was good but sadly nothing amazing, nothing wrong with it and nothing great. But I can't help but think that the waffle is the base and the toppings are essential. 


If you're in Glen Ferrie there's also a cafe there that sells the same waffles.

The prices are the same.

Waffle On on Urbanspoon

So... do you like waffles? Where do you get your waffles?

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