Four Events for Week of the 16th @ Monday, March 02, 2015

Monday 16th February

We're late. I am not a morning person. Shortly after arriving at the desk I may have taken a nap while waiting for an email...

Off to lunch at QV, surely Roll's rice paper rolls aren't always like this? 90% noodles, tint bit of chicken on the side, a stick of cucumber and a couple leaves. The skool cafe does a better one, and my expectations for them are at a food court level. 

It was a nice cool breezy day and there were lots of cute McD chip eating birds around :P

A truck ran into the bridge and so it took us 1.5hrs to get to showgrounds for the caravan show. I have no intention of going on a roadtrip, but it sure does making camping fun. Not cool with scary toilets though. There was building dedicated to air cons for caravans :P The way I see it is you start with a basic and have add-ons. This is one expensive hobby. 

There were so many food stalls O.O for a not food based event. $2 boxes of strawberries we bought x2 and then got a $4 waffle on the way home. Popped it in the toaster, added whipped cream, strawberries and sprinkled with icing sugar. It's good but not $7-$9 good. Probs wouldn't get it again.

Dancing. We're missing someone to run into during the quickstep :P I'm at a height where I run into people's arms. Wonder what happened to sushi chef, haven't seen him in a while either. 


Life is designed to be lived, books to be read, journals to be filled. And as a stationary collector I collect rather than use a lot of it, particularly pretty notebooks. We all save it for something special, a scrapbook of our adventures as a couple, or perfect sketches. But we're saving it, rather than experiencing it now. Who knows if you'll still around that one day you saved it for? 

And therefore I have opened two new books, one from Christina Re for little quotes, notes and to work on fancy writing. And another from Kikki purely for notes on food, when we go out.

Today failed, I am not a day person. But we did go dancing, and talk too much... It's funny when you find yourself lost in the woods and you have no idea what the road you took to get there was. I think, morman asked me what I do, I said events, but I'm so much more than that, my job doesn't define me. O.o I didn't tell him what my blog was, but he was curious and asked me to till his wife. It's quite amusing. It's like he has a vague idea of things and the top exec. who refers everything to his secretary/personal assistant. 

I may not be a people person, but something they are the most fascinating creatures if you watch them over time. I can't seem to get him to say more than a few words at a time, and he ain't shy. He's just quiet, possibly more than Lucy and Lucy doesn't talk - she's a bunny. So he isn't into the arts, though not many people around me are. Not into history either. Though I really struggle to have the same interests as the young people around me. 

How do you get someone to talk about themselves? "Tell me about yourself"? That sounds like a job interview where you cover the relevant things. "Tell me what you're passionate about." Because not everyone is passionate about their job, some are just in it for the money. I sure know that's pretty much the only reason I'd do accounting/IT. I really struggle with databases and from day one everyone was on the ball and knew what to do.

Wednesday Late Night



Today started with a photoshoot, I'm not sexy I'm just silly :P corsets, top hats and red lipstick. No riding crop but we did wear crystals. Air con is a wonderful thing. There was  low pressure to buy the pictures which were $250+ no at all tempting. But it was challenging to pick from my top 3.

This week's food adventure is bought to you by SD Marketing Global and Wagaya.
And you can read all about it in our next post, coming up soon.

Second dessert, I don't like people. This was left over catering from an event that I planned that no one showed up to. There's a pattern. No one comes to events I plan. This is the third time.


I don't like cooking. I used twice as much water as the box said so lost half the egg white part. The macaroons come out of the oven as the same texture as they enter. So mine weren't smooth. The ganche, once again too much cream so I it turned into many milkshakes. No ingredients were wasted. But I still try again, as we do have a silicon macaroon mat.

Loving this mat that didn't melt in the oven. Never baked plastic before.

Comes in rough comes out the same way, sadly.

The mat is double sided.


Saturday was one long day, starting with a trip to the beach with school. Moving onto dinner, work, a show and then trekking through the crowds to get to midnight ice cream with le beau. Home at 3am. 

It's too hot to function. Presentation on water safty, don't touch the animals. Sharks *cue Jaws Theme* hang out in the big waves where surfers go. You'll be fine. If you see a stingray freeze, it's more scared of you than you are of it

 A day of firsts, I do not walk around without shoes - ever. Who knows what you could step on? Actually I do. Yesterday we walked on grass and sand - and not the smooth damp part near the water, I mean the part right up to the stone fence.

We spent the afternoon in the water, from which I conclude I can't swim or balance, on a board. Staying on the board is a pretty good achievement, paddling and kicking for me doesn't get me very far if I can't stay on. :P Met an interesting guy, but since we were in the water I didn't have my phone and get him on fb. In the process of finding him, most people are pretty googleable. e.g. I found morman because we knew where he worked (he told us) and which area he's from (assumed).

Interesting architecture & details.

Dinner at a place where I'm a regular-ish, well as regular as someone like me could be. Chicken Spring Rolls with Fine Vermicelli $13 Served with not chili fish sauce (available on request) was very good. I'd recommend it and order it again. You can order things that aren't on the menu if they have the ingredients for it, it'll happen. The Indian place we go to does that too.

Onto work where I feel asleep twice, I was tired and bored. Some days events are soul sucking, mainly positions where I have to entertain myself. Handing out flyers no one wants because a. they're on their way to another event b. they just came from the event. Then onto counting how many people interact with the exhibition. When I study and do are two entirely separate things/levels. I plan and organize, that is what I actually do - in theory.  

Saw a acrobatic show 'Pixel Mountain' it was pretty cool but I took micro-naps.  So crazy tired... that's why I'm a night person, if I'm awake in the morning when night comes I'll be asleep in class.  

Was going to go home though le beau wanted to meet up after his concert to go for ice cream at midnight. That didn't happen. One way entry, change in the subway (underground). Fully packed train to the point that you cant fall if the train suddenly stops - there was no room to fall. But now's a great time to use your selfie stick!

Near the coffee place above Coles there was a guy playing the guitar. And he played 'The Tide is High'! Opening scenes for the ''Lizzie McGuire Movie' which was replaced by Hannah Montana before she became Miley Cyrus. Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire) grew up and became an adult and stopped acting I think. It was a pretty cool series that we (Tiffany & I) used to watch in middle school (?), we still have the books. 

We finally made it to Melb Central, for hot chips and bk sesame & green tea ice cream. We also had lemon iced tea from Rice Workshop.  Caught the 2am train home, because it was White Night things were running late, and there were no trams in the city. We didn't actually go to White Night because it was so crowded when we did go a couple years ago. But if we were going to I would have liked to see the giant glowing lotus flowers on the rowing side of the Yarra towards BM, and the show at Hamer Hall.

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