Catching Up @ Friday, July 24, 2015

I take a lot of pictures, though I only share the best, and sometimes some pictures get left out, or they don't fit in at the time I'm working on a post because it's work in progress, that or it's a bit of a case of photo overload per post. So here are some pictures I meant to share, but it hasn't happened till now.

Daiso - Gloves

I'm not a glove person, the way it feels between your fingers isn't very nice, and so I have yet to buy leather gloves, but this pattern was just lovely! It reminds me of Mrs Claus. At $2.80 it's also the cheapest gloves you'll ever buy, but it does get caught in key rings, jump rings, necklaces, everything that has a metal ring.

We made breakfast! Eggs sunny side up with spring onion and feta.

A sunny side up felt headband, with a band that's too small and hurts... Anyone to know where to get bigger basic headbands? The way this was design was so you can slip off the egg and use the same headband for something else.

A decorative teacup that used to house a rose wax candle. I forgot some chocolate in that cup and now it's rose infused! Which means I don't think I should actually use this cup. But isn't it lovely? 

Spotlight has these on sale for $5.

This bunny is huge! Think 50cm, the latest from Leo & Bella.

Nutella Up & Go - Yan Yan Stick Style

Typo Sale! Anyone see red glitter on sale?

Alice Nivens makes the best brownies! ($5) Dark, rich and very chocolaty.

Cake Deco or ice cream topping, though I ate the crunchie ones on their own... 

Daiso stocks pocky! Strawberry's my favourite. The midi ones (middle right) is now $3.80.

The library was doing something out front for months, adding lights it seems. 

Nutella Donuts are the next biggest thing! They're everywhere. 

Spotted at a retro shop, undoubtedly more expensive than the original price. 

Is this a record player disc?

Esme has the 'Real Slimy Shady' Milkshake $8 at YOMG, a list of ingredients that were meh.

I'd like that one in the corner. But the claw is designed to work/become stronger for one go once it swallows up enough money, usually $20-30, so you need 10-15 gos to get it.

A random place I went by after a meeting. 

Zoom in for broken* hearts. *That's how you pronounce it, not spell it. 

Ice Skating at Fed Sq, 45mins for $25+ (adult price).

After 5yrs he called it quits, I'm keeping the ring.

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