Meetings & Working from Home @ Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Monday 3rd August

The day started with my first sponsor meeting. In person. It went well, I knew all but one answer.

Nearby was a church. It was beautiful as churches are. For unknown reasons I do feel a connection, and one day we might go to church.

Post meeting drinks at Fonda, I really like their horchat, which is made in a kitchen off site.

Back to the city, phone issues. Wasn't solved. We found a way to make it ok to have the problem, like with the Duncker Diagram. Find a way to make it ok not the solve the problem.

Old Town White Coffee. First impression it's PappaRich but with higher prices and half the menu is western with dishes like pasta and fish & chips. The design of the menu reminds me of Pappa. Classical music, piano solo plays in the background. This is the only place that does that I think? We order a plain roti $4 to go, as I had it once and loved it. I love this one too, and think it's better than at Pappa, but we shall get both at the same time next time to compare.

I thought it would come in a paper bag like naan, but no it came in a fancy box with cutlery.

Late lunch/early dinner at the Coffee Club. This place is $$ with $16 sandwiches, which I assume would come with a salad? We ordered the chicken and basil pesto crepe $13 and a mango smoothie $7.

The crepe was very good, but an $$ snack. 

Mango Smoothie? Lies. It's an ice blend, icy and freezing! More like a mango frappacino than smoothie. 

Service was iffy. Ok, it was good, but the guy serving me who I'm sure is the manager had personality and was flamboyant. I didn't like it. I do not find jokes very funny, but it's just me. Nor do I like people who say "I'm just messing with ya".

On another note. So many fake reviews... everyone writes perfectly with caps, full stops, commas and all. And everyone has only written one review for this one place. Are you telling me all these people signed up for an account just to write one review? With the exception of 1-2 reviews I'm certain they're all fake.


Meetings, a stop by the candy shop (shall return for better pictures), rushed dinner and off to a show. Along the way we saw someone stunning that looked like a variation le beau, but wasn't him. We'll stop by again next week. :P 

At work there is a girl I don't like. She doesn't respect me and thinks she's all that. She ain't. This is why I don't like girls or live in girl world. Fortunately she has an army of 2 and all the other girls are lovely. We even have one on the team who goes/went to the same school as me! Catching up on what's happening, they're changing the uniform egg plant...

Walking down the street I saw a girl wearing a skirt that ended two inches under her ass. I could see she's either wearing a g-string or no underwear. Why am I sharing this? Because she was in school uniform, the same uniform I wore expect we had weekly checks to make sure they were knee length and we hadn't shortened them over the weekend. We had to wear tights too. We're a good school and dress accordingly. Though see the other campus (the one she's at) as inferior. A community school is what I've heard. Discussions on how her mother let her leave the house in that stripper length skirt. But then again there's a porn star who has her parents as her manager and they coach her. Some parents are proud their kid is hot stuff, though most I think most would die of shame? I know mine would.

Dessert before Dinner :P


Tonight's concert 'Spirit of India' featured Indian classical music. I know nothing about Indian music other than it's played in Indian restaurants. Hence the Pavlov's Dog's effect. 2hrs of music, but no food. 


Working from home. An odd day where I got up at 11.30am and it felt like 4pm! Dinner was moved as I had too much work. I only spend a couple days a week working from home. Heard others find it isolating. Don't think so, not when I got phone meetings and Lucy Bunny sitting beside me. 


Too tired for dancing, that and I'm meh about it, the new studio, so we didn't go. But we must go both times next week! I actually wanted to go to a styling workshop tonight.


I didn't go out last night but I'm exhausted and too tired to go to training at work or class. I was up by 1.30pm though - I think. Lots of emails sent. :) Not fond of trying to figure out the best times to post on social media as I really don't know. If I was a company we'd buy research on it.


Went to a singles event to sharpen my people skills. Some people like to drone on and on about work or their diets. Shut up, eat your lettuce and be sad. No not you bunny, you just love lettuce and salad :P Lucy has a very healthy diet, while I have a cupcake in my hand, though she does want a nibble. 

Like an idiot I forgot what the folder was so deleted the pictures from the group dinner. NOOOO!!!! And it was on the phone, so I don't know where the bin is. I also don't know how to select the folder I want to upload something. 

We had pancakes for dinner after drinking two pints of soda and fruit juice. Sadly the bar doesn't do milkshakes. And why is the floor sticky?! I wore my (indoor) work shoes.

How awesome are these flowers? Roses $15, bunches $25. 


Running late, I'm sorry I'm not a morning person, a coffee person or a brunch person. Unless that morning starts at 5am and I haven't slept from the night before. 

Clergs is moving to Brunswick, so we got some lovely feathers for 50% off, but making your own headpiece with fancy feathers is very expensive!

Pre-event snack with Lola around the corner at Twistto. I lead so I get to choose the flavour :P these are delicious and I really like them!

This weekend we're off to the 'Melt Away Melbourne Festival' out in the (wastelands) Docklands.Not sure what the melt away reference is to as it doesn't snow here.  

Dinner with Mama

Dessert with Wonderbao x Gelato Messina


Today we feel sick, just like last Sunday but not as bad. Really need to eat better, though as I don't shop/cook it's a challenge. Also it's much more $$ to cook than just eat out - though with the exception of $17 4-ingredients salads.

Fighting the emptiness is harder done then said. My life is full of events and mainly people I don't know and a couple I do know, and yet the emptiness, the darkness is always there, a shadow ready to pounce the moment I stop. In July there were more bad days than good, I told everyone work was busy, but that wasn't true. I slept for three weeks. I didn't get up to go out and eat. I was in bed when jas arrived at the resturant.

Today was one of those days, but I did get up and go to a concert. Bluebeard's Castle. A story of curiosity killed the cat or wife in this case. Sometimes it's best not to ask questions. I recall reading this story when I was little I think.

I do find that music is the one thing that fills the void.

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