Melt Away Melbourne Chocolate Festival @ Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday 8th August

This weekend we're off to the 'Melt Away Melbourne Festival' out in the (wastelands) Docklands.Not sure what the melt away reference is to as it doesn't snow here, perhaps it's a reference to melting away the winter blues. I haven't got a case of winter blues, unless it comes to outdoor events with the chance of wet & windy weather.  

We think in an attempt to keep a waterfront town alive they're having more things going on out there like Friday Fireworks. From first hand experience in summer it's lovely by the waterfront, but Melbourne is a winter city mainly, though is the city known for 4 seasons in a day.

The stalls were set up just like at the exhibition center.

Hello chocolate fountain set up nice and high away from the reach of children.

Smooth FM sponsored (?) the lounge area with the most comfortable seats in the marquee. Along with that they provided tea for a much needed cleanser of the chocolate for some, but not me. They also had chocolate coins, with Lucy loves - to play with, but not eat.

Entry for the chocolate festival is $23 and a bit over $60 for a family! But as I got tickets from a friend (not an official invite btw), we just paid $10 each for the tour. Which looked great on the website.

The tour took you around to a few stalls for samples. At the first stall we had a choice of things covered in chocolate or marshmallows dipped in the magical chocolate fountain. I picked the mix while Lola chose the marshmallows. 

Daintree Cocoa makes Australian single origin cocoa beans and chocolate, plus organic single-origin cocoa and chocolate. I have no idea what that means, single or double origin... But my summary was that they grow and make Australia chocolate from start to finish. Murry (the guy at the stand) was lovely. 

Sisko Chocolate - How beautiful is the chocolate lotus?! I'd like to touch it. :P

Mörk Chocolate - “Mörk” is Swedish for dark, did you know that? Mork seems to be the most popular brand of hot chocolate, theirs is made from powdered dark chocolate. I believe a sealed bag of that is what is in the canisters. Interestingly Mork is the only chocolate cafe open brunch hours and just offering hot chocolate as oppose to the mainstream franchises. 

Mork Sample - Loco Churro - Pommery Champagne

Champagne-chocolate tasting pairing. It burns, but that's my personal review.

Expectations were set when we read the info online about the chocolate tours. The expectation was that we'd try 5 samples, a drink and a bottle of water. Well the water didn't happen and the drink was not what we expected. Also it said it was 90mins but was only around 45mins.

Also at the beginning of the tour we were told the samples or tastings were exclusive to the tour. No they weren't, well not most. Only three. Sissy, churros and the official event stall (chocolate fountain). We got a wrapped chocolate, churros bites and a choc fountain dipped marshmallows. Oh and 10% off at one stand. But everything else everyone at the event had access to. 

So for $10 what we paid was an info session, cocoa almond, some nibbs, churros bites, a chocolate and marshmallows. The drink wasn't a drink, it was a sample from Mork. The same sample everyone else who didn't do the tour got. So definitely not worth it - perhaps management called it the chocolate tour still but didn't give any details of what it includes? I had expected like a hot chocolate drink, not a sample shot that came with the entry fee. Perhaps I'm reading this wrong and this tour wasn't the one at the event? But as it's on this page I thought it was at the event? 

The ladies at the chocolate tour company were lovely though. And well done to Amanda who took out tour, she had a loud clear voice in a busy and loud venue, well done on keeping the tour all together and not losing anyone too. :) 

The Chill Out Zone - Lots of Seats 

To the right (off scene), for the adults there was a tasting bar (costs extra) with a very long line. At the peak there was a 20-30mins wait - this is after you paid btw. You paid for samples and will be waiting in line for a very long time.

Movenpick was there, and so was Chillbro for all your ice creamy needs. 

There was a Mexican stand, Tonantzin Aztec Artisan Chocolate  that did a very rich spiced one, I really didn't like it, as it wasn't smooth. But they did have very unique chocolate including in the shape of an Aztec Coin, and chocolates with prickly pear (as seen on Masterchef, a cactus) and purple corn which Lola loved, she said it reminded her of home (Denver).

Everyone was doing hot chocolate and it was hard to choose. Chillbro was there too, though as they have a shop we'll drop by another week. Doesn't the lady on the logo look like Mrs Doubtfire? Or is it just me? 

Liquid Infusion - A pop up event-only bar did alcoholic chocolate drinks. I had a mocktail aka milkshake with syrup, cream and flake on top. Yum! $5. I really liked it, and wished it was as big as the Pancake Parlour's Mountain Malt.

Top View of Freshly Crushed Cadbury Flake & Grated White Chocolate
They didn't have rainbow sprinkles, as most of their customers were adults. 

Sisko Sphere Hot Chocolate by Long Story Short - $11 In Stores

The other drink I had was a average hot chocolate that I bought because of the novelty effect. It's hot chocolate milk poured over a sphere or ball of chocolate, no not like Lindt, a hollow ball, like an easter egg from sisko. The stall was a new cafe, Long Story Short - I love that name!. In stores they have the same drink but with marshmallows inside the ball for $11! We paid $7. Disappointingly it's like regular hot chocolate. 

The marquee were everything was, when it got dark lighting was inadequate I'm told.

Dame Nellie Melba (A Soprano) & Dame Edna (An Actress). Edna's really a man, though Lola checked, the statue is anatomically incorrect she says. XD I dared her to look and she did. In the background is the wheel that no one ever goes on, but it's beautiful at night when I see it coming home from out west, 

On the other side of the dock (free boat ride in between the two places) there was activities. The ride is free, but everything on the other side at the library will cost extra, as in not included in the entry fee. Thanks security for telling us that. We got there later than planned so didn't go on the boat.

I did buy chocolates, but that was after this picture was taken.

Overall we had a good but expensive time. $23 gets you entry and a few samples. Drinks are extra. Not recommended. Especially if you have kids! I was disappointed by the lack of salted caramel drinks. Also interestingly there was a German waffle stand where no one ate. If no one's eating there not sure if we want to.

How much did we actually spend?
$10 Tour (1)
$12 Drinks (2)
$6 Chocolates
= $28

Did you go to the Chocolate Festival in the Docklands? 

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