I love these potato twists! Often only found at markets/festivals/events. Through Scoopon I bought a "Twistto Korean Fried Potato Twist & a Soft Drink or Bottle of Water" for $4. Bargain! It's $6 for a potato swirl.

The location is conveniently just a block away from the station on Flinders Lane. They're also open late till 10pm often, the apartment is a block away, this can't be good for the diet. :P

The Flavours

Lots of flavours. One that are so fluro they glow in the dark! We went with salt & vinegar, as it was less artificial. Flavour of the week changes and was curry this week. 

Yum! Of course I loved it, it was crispy and fun to eat. It was also in a size that I could consume on my own. I'd get it again as I bought a few $4 deals. At $6 I'd be less tempted though, especially as I think thta's event pricing. Oh and this is the second/third time I've had the potato swirl. 

This is what used to be to here before 'Twistto Original Korean Twist Potato' opened up a few months ago. There's always new places popping up in the city that we discover on our own. All the shops in this picture are gone now.

Do you love potato twists?

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